Author Regena Bryant

In 2004 Regena made a pact with her nephew, “…if you give me a college degree, I’ll write a book.” Today, her nephew’s college diploma graces the mantle of her suburban Chicago home and she is the author of three contemporary women’s fiction novels with romantic elements. Except on Sunday — Can she love him; except on Sunday? Believe In Me — In ninety days she’ll have to choose between love and loyalty. Love’s Remnant — After all, love remains. Grace Changes Everything —The church doesn’t embrace them, until Grace Changes Everything The September Standard — Will she fall into a quiet season or spring forward with joy. 
Regena’s novels explore the complex simplicity of falling in love—in these complicated days. Regena’s honors include Debut Author of the Year, Shades of Romance Magazine and 2017 finalist, Illinois Soon to be Famous Author Project.

Visit her at www.RegenaBryant.com or @Regena_Bryant on twitter.   

Grace Changes Everything

 Synopsis: Ten months after accepting the position of senior pastor at the West Aurora Baptist Church, forward-thinking Rev. Bradley White is questioning God. He does not fit-in with the traditional congregation. West Aurora’s newest member, Dr. Lori Reed asks too many questions. Based on her joining testimony, the organic chemist is assigned a series of common ministry tasks: ushering, childcare, and greeting guests. And she’s failed at every one. According to some, there’s no need for a chemist in the ministry. Inspired by Lori’s earnest desire to serve, Bradley tries to help Lori fit-in at West Aurora. And he soon discovers the perfect place for the super-smart-sister with the cute sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. In his arms. After the misfit minister and questioning chemist fall in love, they struggle to remain at a church that doesn’t embrace either one of them, until Grace Changes Everything.

Amazonhttp://a.co/1Oj3xFv I love it when people pull the book from the Library (Library Link) http://library.biblioboard.com/content/96e9a835-3c1c-48d5-bb50-5c15fb3e54dc

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