My Biggest Moment – Liselle Powder

Today will be the day, waiting on that test result. My mind a little uneasy. but I know God got me. You see I have been fighting cancer for years. Lost both of my breast and been through so much chemo that my body got so weak.

But in all I never gave up hope. because I am a survivor. In my God I will trust, he said in his word he will never leave me nor forsake me. I was married, but my ex-husband forgot the vows which said, “For better for worst, in sickness and in health, till death do us path.” He left me to deal with my sickness all alone.

But I got God and he never failed me yet. My ex-husband went chasing his dreams which was every skirt tail. We have three beautiful grown kids. They helped me through my ordeal, plus my friends and relatives. Thank God for their support.

I know the doctor said that 10am he will be calling, and I am ready for the great news because I no and I believe there’s no more cancer cells.

I waited by the phone, saying my psalms and telling God thank you and how good he is for delivering me.

Then the phone rang. I answered. “Hello,” I said.

“Good morning Mrs. Johnson,” the doctor said.

“Yes, Good morning Dr. Walker.” I said.

“I have some news for you,” he said. There was a pause as my throat I swallowed hard.

“You are cancer free.” He said, I burst out “HALELUJAH HALLELUJAH,” I was rejoicing. I was praising and thanking God. I lift my hands in the air shouting to the top of my voice, till I forgot M. Walker on the line.

I thanked him so much and said goodbye, then my kids came running in. I told them the great news, we were all jumping and rejoicing giving God praise forever more. I called my friends, and my family gave them the good news, like everyone was waiting to hear the good news.

I continued giving God all the praise with my hands lifted and tears of joy kept flowing.

I know you would come through for me God, you never failed me yet.


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