31 Spiritual Jewels by Robert Black


Presented in this book are the short testimonies of Robert Black’s life in which the reader will find the message of hope, faith and restoration.  As a young man, the author found himself hooked on drugs and alcohol, homeless and consumed with self-destructiveness.  After becoming incarcerated, the author became quite acquainted with the consequences of bad choices and the consequences of wrong circumstances; however, while incarcerated, he found grace and restoration through Christ Jesus.  Now, it’s the author’s desire to reach back and send a message of hope to the men and women who are in that temporary confused lifestyle of living on the streets, homeless and longing for a change.  His message to never give up, that God is always there in spite of our mistakes and that God is patient and will work out His plan for our lives is for everyone.   It is for those still struggling, to those who have loved ones struggling, and to those who still have the opportunity to avoid the struggle that so easily awaits them.  After reading this book, you will be encouraged to know that a life is never so shattered that God can’t restore it.  God is truly the way out.Kindle: https://amzn.to/36W50yL

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