Reviews for Not My Son, My Not Daughter

Not My Son, Not My Daughter

Not My Son, Not My Daughter was birth from years of experience of watching children suffer due to the lack of knowledge from their parents or caregivers. However, this even goes deeper than that, not only has the children suffer from lack of parental care, but from the systems put in place, such as Child Protective Service and the Juvenile Justice System.

It takes a lot of courage to speak out and ask for help, to tell someone your body has been violated in the most unimaginable way. Once you muster up that courage to tell the trusted adult a parent or caregiver, relative, teacher, either social work or probation officer—three things must happen to help your healing journey. Those three things are: First, they have to believe you; second, you need to be safe from the person or the environment; and lastly, there has to be continual protection. If these three things do not happen, we cripple our courageous boy or girl from completely healing.

Sometimes, the most unfortunate things happen and someone you trust molests your child. You cannot change what happened to the child. Nevertheless, you can certainly believe, keep them safe, and protect them from future occurrence. Read this book to see how you can turn a tragedy into a treasure.

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