Queenie’s Writer’s Week – Troy Barnes

Troy Barnes lives in Lake Forest California and works as an IT Professional spanning 20 years, 10 years as a certified IT Asset Management professional, working for various companies. Troy is passionate about helping and serving others as has given his time and resources to various churches and organizations both in Ohio and California. He is continuously growing in his life journey seeking God’s overall plan for his life.

Troy stays active by working out, volunteering and spending time with friends and family. Amazing Grace is his first book. You can follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn (Troy Barnes) Instagram (tbarnes2432) as well as email him at tbarnes2432@gmail.com

Tell me more about your latest book. 
My book is called Amazing Grace: My journey into God’s Unmerited Favor. It’s a true story about all of the events that happened which led me to move from my hometown in Columbus Oh to Southern California. I take you through a lot of the ups, downs, trials and tribulations of this what I call a “journey” and how I had to rely on faith in God and his word to get me from one step to the next. The word of God calls us to “walk by faith and not by sight” so I should the reader how I did it so hopefully they can do the same in their situations of life as well.

What is your genre? It would be faith based and/or inspirational.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing? The beginning or getting started. Once you get past the beginning it becomes easier especially if it’s something inspiring.

What motivated you to become an author? My journey and testimony about what brought me to California. As things were happening, I felt the strong desire to share plus others were telling me I should so that gave me confidence I could.

What brought you to write this book? A combination of the same answer to the last question as well as just seeing the need for people to have hope that their situations can turn around. I also wanted people to know nothing is impossible with God as long as it’s according to his will and to understand how his grace works when we trust in him. There’s a scripture in Hosea 4:6 God’s people are “destroyed for lack of knowledge” so I want people to have the knowledge that he wants relationship with us just a father would want with his children and that he will take care of us by grace through faith as Ephesians 2:8 says.

How many books have you written so far? One

What book or books had a strong influence on you and your writing? A book by Joseph Prince call “Unmerited Favor” which breaks down which breaks down how our Christian relationship was formed and should be between us and God through Christ his son had a major influence. It’s story telling but using real life situations just like my book.

How hard is it to establish in your genre? I don’t think it’s that hard at all if you have a true story and the word of God to back you up.

Where do you love to write? Anywhere quiet.

Where do you get your ideas from? Inspiration from God. Mostly from reading the bible or scripture and applying it to everyday life

What is your favorite fiction book? No one favorite in particular but I do like autobiographies on my favorite athletes and entertainers.

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