Author of the Week- Michelle D Rayford

Her pen sharpens spine-tingling tales of betrayal, lies, consequences…and their fallout when the truth comes out. Fitting for her brand of literary inspiration – shining the light in the darkness of deceit.

National Best-selling Author Michelle D. Rayford is a doting wife, rocking mother and the dynamic CEO of Barrington Drive Publishing. The seed for Michelle’s gift of storytelling was planted well before she was old enough to drive…now this talented scribe is driven to INSPIRE. Her red-hot keyboard has cranked out hits for several anthologies, as well as her soulful debut novel – Moment of Truth and the chilling Not That Nice. Her latest book, Settling Up, is scheduled to come blasting onto reading lists everywhere in 2020.

Michelle’s laptop is housed in the colorful south, where she resides with her husband, who she’s spent half her life crushing on, and two daughters who push her to keep the dream going. When she’s not reading, jamming to her 80’s music playlist or playing NBA2K, Michelle is hard at work, hanging out with her vivid imagination, developing stories about the messy parts of relationships and the aftermath of declaring I do. She loves chatting with readers and book clubs; reach out to her at mdrayford@gmail.com or through her website – http://www.michelledrayford.com.

Michelle D. Rayford – driving readers to literary pleasure!

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