Recommendation of the Day – Moment of Truth – Michelle D Rayford

When the cradle breaks the vows…all hell breaks loose.

Adrienne is obsessed with the new man in her life – the bouncing baby boy she’s always dreamt of having…over her husband Logan’s staunch objections. Motherhood. Wealth. Power. On the surface, the joyful mother has it all – but beneath the bliss, a scandal is brewing that will rip her contentment to shreds.

Logan’s professional aspirations leave little room for marriage, family…or guarding his secrets. He’s laser-focused on surpassing his father’s success in the family law firm, and when an affluent new client breezes into town, Logan has one shot to overtake his father…if his wife will get out of his way.

When the past collides with the present, will the truth set Adrienne free?

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