Picture Prompts with Authors

I have nothing left but my knowledge and memories to share with the coming generations in my family. You don’t get to this ripe old age without learning some things along the way that as a matriarch of the family I am beholden to share because if you don’t know what you come from, you don’t know where you are going!

_Kim Robinson-Author

Escambia County was quiet now that the little heifer had taken my money and left town. I’m gonna write her a letter and tell her  ‘bout herself. She ain’t had no business lookin’ in my pie safe for stuff that don’t belong to her. The good Lord almighty himself is gonna take her down a peg or two. I just hope I lives to see it be.

-Roe Braddy, Author

Ashley sat in her dimly lit room considering what she should do next.  Her day had not been the best, and she wished she could forget it all.  She could not keep her mind from racing. Then she remembered the book she started last week.  Pushing to sit up, she reached her arm out to her nightstand.  She read until a strange light began to shine from the pages and her mind began to ease.

-Tonya Woods, Author

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