Book of the Day – Someone Needs To Read This!: Make Your Life Work! – Rev. Dr. Nina M. Thompson

Life isn’t always easy to live. Period. All the stones, potions, meditation, scriptures, chants, kindly spoken words…. WILL NOT CHANGE THAT. If we fail to understand that, life can become one frustration and disappointment after another. We may frequently feel like failures, moving through life with emotional highs and lows that lead to depression, poor health, and sometimes, a desire not to be here anymore. But life is not made to be drama free. The challenges can strengthen us, help us develop coping mechanisms, lead us to our life purpose, and position us so that difficulties do not immobilize us or hurt us, causing us to check out…emotionally or literally. The journey can be challenging. The journey can be frustrating. If we are completely honest and past pretending that we have it all figured out, we also will admit that some days the journey is confusing. This book provides wisdom to move through the highs and lows of life. It will help you move from treading water, to floating, to eventually walking on water with little fear of drowning. It will show you that There IS a better way to live your life. Every curve ball doesn’t have to cause you to strike out or go and sit on the bench. Spiritually-inspired wisdom can show you a better way to “go through” so you can “get to” your next assignment, your next victory, your greater. It may not change the bumps and bruises of the journey, but it can change the way that you feel about and respond to it. Be that “SOMEONE” who had the sense enough to know when support is needed.


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