The 10 Win Commandments Tour and Giveaway!

Write Now Literary is pleased to be organizing a two-month book tour and “free book giveaway” for The 10 Win Commandments with by Derrick Gray. The book tour will run July 1-August 31, 2021.

Genre: Christian Nonfiction

ISBN-10: 1737398907

ISBN-13: 978-1737398905

Derrick Gray is a Christian Minister, business owner, filmmaker and author of The 10 Win Commandments. A Long Island native and purveyor of all things hip-hop, he knows God’s not through with him yet. Derrick lives in York, Pa with his wife and family.

Author Derrick Gray has written this debut masterwork that touches the soul with reliable guidance and masterful prose. The author guides us through worldly experiences as a quintessential mentor if life. Students, administrators, CEO’s and ministry leaders will find his advice nothing less than masterful. This book profoundly dives into guidance that enables you to go through life at the level in which God intended. The execution of these words of wisdom lays out how victory is achievable for anyone.

It’s all about self-appraisal, self-reflection, God’s direction and personal growth. Everyone has a designed path and achievement is within anyone’s grasp. All it takes is the correct compass, and no book maps it out better than Derrick Gray’s 10 Win Commandments.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/derrick.gray.56

Website: http://www.Teamderrickgray.com 


Book Giveaway


Tour hosted by WNL Book Tours

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