Recommendation of the Day – Where Have All the Young Ones GONE? – Rev. DR. Nina M. Thompson

Many young adults have chosen to stop attending church. In line with this, they may also inadvertently begin to spend less time in prayer or meditation with God, or even studying the Bible. Research shows that the primary reason for the departure is that many young adults no longer see the church’s relevance to their everyday lives. They are choosing to go it alone, questioning the effectiveness of their relationship to both God and the church. They lack clarity around the tenets of religion, and they are weary of what they see as “religion as usual.”

Surveys also indicate that they are eager to make a connection between their everyday lives – the challenges that they face and the issues that they must resolve – and a spiritual connection that can inform and guide them in these areas. For many, the church has not filled this void. Where Have All the Young Ones GONE? Connecting and Reconnecting Young Adults to God and the church, offers a strategy for strengthening the connection between emerging adults, the church and ultimately God. It offers a research-based strategy that demonstrates that the most fruitful and effective way to rebuild and even strengthen these connections, lies in greater connection with God through the Holy Spirit.

The book is written in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow format so that all can apply its research-based solutions. It is a resounding cry for church leaders to address this very critical need for genuine, focused and frequent connection to the Holy Spirit, before those who serve as the means for a continuation of the church and indeed Christianity, resolve to stay away forever.


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