Writing Prompt – The one thing she will remember for the rest of her life…….. Liselle Powder

Writing Prompt – The one thing she will remember for the rest of her life……..

The one thing she would remember for the rest of her life, is never fall in love with a married man. Life, sometimes when you think you have found the one to settle down with and make your life complete, it’s like a roller coaster all over again.

Bridgette, well educated, smart, single mother of a teenage boy named Bryan. Bridgette lived with her teenage son alone. After being divorced for 5 years, she never thought about dating or meeting anyone.

Bridgette was all about work, taking care of her son and maintaining the household. Most times Bryan would be at his grandmother’s house. But then Michael came along. Michael was tall, sharp, and had a very curved athletic body. He was the Romeo every woman desired. Until Bridgette felt it was time to catch her prey.

Bridgette didn’t care about Michael’s married life, all she knew is she wanted that athletic body to hold her tight and groove through the night. It seems like Bridgette was ready to hunt which will make up for all the years of being single. How coincidental they both worked at the same company, but never saw each other until now. The company have 1,500 workers and a huge building with many departments.

Bridgette knew what she was getting herself into, but the desires was so strong that at nights she woke up soaking wet. Dreams and pleasures of being in Michael’s arms. Night after night her dreams was the same thing, the passion, the ecstasy and the wet bed. Michael on the other hand loved the attention, he loved the fire that sparked and his mind was already fantasizing.

Soon enough Bridgette and Michael became a hit, the sneaking around, lunch and dinner dates, their tracks were covered.

They both were in bed. It was like fireworks every time they met. Bridgette wanted more and more and more. Michael satisfied a thirst, a hunger inside they both lacked, but then the moment has ended. Michael remembered his commitment to his wife, his vows that was said, someone was about to get hurt and it was not his wife.

After some time, Michael avoided Bridgette as much as possible, she wanted to know what went wrong. Michael had to tell Bridgette the truth, eventually they arranged to meet up for coffee after work. Michael came out and told Bridgette that he was married, although she knew, she didn’t care.

Michael had to end the love affair. Bridgette didn’t want to hear it. She was devastated that Michael wanted nothing to do with her.

Michael wanted to fix things with his marriage and told Bridgette it was just an infatuation, she was heartbroken and saw her pains coming back. Bridgette didn’t want to let go but she had to, she will have to deal with all the hurt and pain and sorrow. They both said their good byes and parted ways. Michael told her how sorry he was and to make it easy on them both he transferred to a different department far from Bridgette sight. She learned a hard lesson but vow never to be in that position again.

-Liselle Powder, Author

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