Writing Prompt – Out of the blue, I heard footsteps in the empty, dark street…. Liselle Powder

            Out of the blue I heard footsteps in the empty dark street. My heart was beating out of time. My pulse raced, cold sweat. I can’t see anyone behind all I know I hear the footsteps. I started to pick up the pace and moved swiftly.

            Foolish me I thought. I and a couple of friends did some shopping and catch a movie. Seeing that the movie theaters, is not far from where I live. I decided to walk home. I bid good bye to my friends, they had cars and they offered me ride. I refused, because I just wanted to enjoy the night, the breeze and the atmosphere. I felt like taking a nice walk home.

            The path I had to take is always safe. The streets are perfectly lit. But this one night I choose a short cut, it almost cost my life. As my footsteps picked up the pace. I heard the other footsteps getting louder. I stopped, and turned around slowly. There he was hidden, mask on his face, dark clothing. The only thing I could think off is to run. I took off running. He’s right behind me is like I could feel his breath.

            All of a sudden, he caught up to me, grabbed me. It was a scuffle. I punched him so hard in his groin. Thank god for my self-defense skill. I happened to pull his mask off and realized I knew him. His name is Devon, my ex-boyfriend. Who tried and tried again to make up with me and my answer is always no.

            I managed to break free from his grasps, we were separated. I saw the look on his face it was mean, no words just silence. I knew I had to get away Just then he started walking towards me. I started backing back, his walk picked up fast. It was now or never. I reached into my purse and pulled out my gun, he froze.

            It seems like my gun didn’t phased him, he came running. I pulled the trigger, one shot hit him in his chest, he collapsed. I was scared and nervous. I called 911and told them what happened. The police and the ambulance came quickly I had some scratch and bruises, which the medics took care of. I gave my report and called my friends and told them what happened. They came to see me right away, only then I accepted a ride to go home. I was glad to be safe and in the company of my friends.

-Liselle Powder, Author

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