Writing Prompt – by Liselle Powder

Writing Prompt – Your friend can’t wait to introduce you to her new beau. She’s been talking about him nonstop and you’re actually a little nervous to meet him. When he walks through the door your jaw drops , you would know that face anywhere………………..

                        Britney my friend for seven years always has my back, she’s very spontaneous, love life, nature and shopping. She’s like my biological sister. I never had. For some time now, she’s holding back a secret.

            She eventually spilled the beans that she’s in love and been dating. She did catch me by surprised as she told me that. Britney was never the dating type, so I guessed that’s why she had excuses to meet up with me at times. Her new boyfriend kept her busy.

            I am not seeing anyone. I am taking my time, waiting on the right one. So when Britney told me she have a surprise for me to meet her new beau, I am looking forward to this. I am up to meeting her Romeo and I am a bit nervous, but I am ready.

So, we planned to meet up tonight and everything is set. The restaurant of choice was perfect, nice atmosphere, nice people and beautiful service. I reached early and was taken to my set Brittney arrived and I could see there’s someone behind her but can’t make him out as if he is hiding., maybe Brittney told him too.

Just then as she moved from his path, my eyes were as big as soccer balls, my mouth was wide opened and my jaw dropped. I was Eddie he was my crush from high school, every girl wanted him, he was that good, in academics and sports, the best quarterback the school had.

After all these years my heart still felt something, we never broke up properly and seeing him brought back memories of good times.

As they approached me I stood up, our eyes met as if questioning each other, but I had to play it calm. Brittney introduced us and I told her congratulations and we all sat down. The night went by smoothly, and the conversations was good. Our eyes were searching each other as Brittney talked and talked.

Eventually Brittney asked me what I thought of him. I said he’s very handsome and he looks kind and the loving type.

I realized Eddie and myself had some unfinished business we never parted well. I started fantasizing about the both of us. I didn’t want to hurt my friend, but what you don’t know wouldn’t kill you. The night went on perfect. Britney was on a role, being all smiles. Eddie on the other hand was trying to catch a glance every chance he gets.

We talked up a storm, until I had to leave, the heat was too much. I bid farewell and the lingered stare from Eddie’s eyes, told me class will be in session soon.

-Liselle Powder, Author

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