Book of the Week – Love Yourself First – Dominique Lambright

Synopsis: After tragedy strikes, Felicia Arman abandons her life in New York City and finds herself back in her original home, Houston. With the skills of a classically trained ballerina, there are not too many jobs she could get right away. So, when her friend offers her a job at their local coffee shop she jumps at the opportunity. One day, she spots a familiar face from her past. He would love to help Felicia out, but she is a bit skeptical. After some negotiation back and forth, they come to some form of an agreement that will be pleasurable for the both of them. The question is, can they keep things professional and refrain from falling for one another? Or will they fall victim to love? On a journey to start fresh and love herself first, Felicia is faced with what falling for him would mean. But it is tempting to think of the possibility of what more could be without their contractual agreement. Does he feel the same? Or is this just business?

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3ok3IFD

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