Author Spotlight – Blaque Diamond

-What is your genre?

I am known as a children’s books author; however, I am venturing into other genres.

What is your purpose?

I have been advocating for children and families waiting to be reunified with their biological families, foster care and adoption, and restoring their genetic lineage while learning different styles of parenting.

-What is your favorite marketing technique?

Social media word of mouth, I am currently working on book trailers, and hoping to have my books in the social work department at HBCU’s.

How do you get your book in front of readers?

Podcast interviews, Pre-COVID events, conferences, and book signings.

-What is something you want readers to know about you?

I am an advocate for Grandparents Rights.

-What are you reading right now?

Cicely Tyson’s “As I Am”.

-3 Fun facts about yourself.

I can be a prankster, I love shopping at thrift stores for bargains and I enjoy restoration projects and designing.

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