The Mask – Liselle Powder

The Mask

Make up, another day, here I go.

And the crowd went wild to see this clown.

My job is to make people happy.

Not doing anything wrong.

I hide this this ugly face everyday.

Tired of this, to please people. Why?

They laugh at me, at my jokes.

Show is finished, they don’t say bye.

I mimic, dance, sing they all laugh.

Inside their mouth, no teeth I see.

My mask is my hiding place.

It’s where I want to be.

Why do I waste my time on these clowns?

They don’t have my interest at heart.

Someone pulled the mask from my face.

In shock I let out a fart.

I remove the rest of the mask and say.

”Damn girl, your face looks busted.”

Tired, and worn out, like crumpled paper.

This face resembles old iron that’s rusted.

But it’s my life, my song, I sing all day.

To pay the bills, a fool I’ll be and more.

Whether is no teeth, one eye, big toe.

They all come to see what I have in store.

-Liselle Powder

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