Book Talks – Mind Fucked: Seduction of Mouth To Brain-First Chapter

Mind Fucked: Seduction of Mouth To Brain

Invading your mind to find those things that make you tick. Those things that make you itch to be touched. Only those that can comprehend the intensity of what words can do to the body, just by stimulating the mind. Sexy metaphors and similes. Taking a hold of the depths of your mind and imagination. Physical appearance and touch can draw you to someone, but mentally, can they stimulate you without touching you? Can they make you want them without being near you? Can they touch you with their words instead?
Enjoy this compilation of sexually charged short stories that will have you pleased, yet confused as to what just transpired within you.

Chapter 1:
Sex Lessons

Anthony O’Connor had just gotten home from an extended stay in the woods on a camping trip. He was sitting in his best friend Ciara Hudson’s kitchen, chewing on a piece of fried chicken Ciara’s mother had cooked earlier. He wasn’t very hungry as he had eaten a burger about thirty minutes before at The Shake Shack driving home from the trip. He had been working there for about six weeks before heading out of town. He would return tomorrow afternoon for the summer.

He actually really liked it there, especially considering that’s where he had met his current girlfriend, Sasha McIverson. The two had been dating just a month, but Sasha made an announcement tonight that had Anthony both excited and nervous. Before getting to Ciara’s he spoke with Sasha on the phone. He thought to speak to one of his friends concerning Sasha’s words, but chose instead to speak to another woman, someone whose advice he knew he could trust implicitly.

He washed his hands, then made his way to his Ciara’s room. Her house was like a second home. They had known each other since they were kids in elementary school. Lived across the street from each other since, too. So, it was no oddness that he would just be in their home for no reason at all. They were now 16 and 17, so her parents treated him like he was their son. He knocked lightly, and when the invitation to enter was given, he did so.

“Hey, Anthony. How was work tonight?” Ciara asked just above a whisper, because her parents were already asleep. It was a Sunday and, and being as though both of them were lawyers, they got up real early for cases that started at 8am.

“It was okay,” Anthony said as he sat at the foot of her bed. “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure,” Ciara said. “Go ahead.”

“Well, it’s just that Sasha told me tonight that she’s ready to take things to the next level,” Anthony began.

“Sex?” Ciara questioned.

“Yeah, but just oral,” Anthony responded, then laughed. “I say just, but that’s a pretty big deal, huh? I’ve never done anything like that before, Ciara. As far as that goes, I’ve never had anyone do that to me. I’m still a virgin. What if I suck at it and can’t get her off?”

“Hmmm,” Ciara said as she sat up a little straighter in her bed. “You’re right. A woman places a lot of value on someone’s ability to get her off orally. That’s the reason I date older guys, because guys my own age don’t know their way around a clit.”

Anthony snickered at that, then asked, “Yea, don’t I know it. You aren’t stingy with details. But you are a few months older than me so I expected you would jump first,” he teases.

Ciara throws a pillow at his head.

“What should I do?” Anthony continues.

“I guess you could watch some porn,” Ciara suggested, “only, stay away from male-female porn. Watch lesbians. They do it the right way.”

“You really think that’ll help?”

“Couldn’t hurt,” Ciara responded. “Watch what they do, try it out on your pillow … You’ll be awesome at it in no time.”

“A pillow doesn’t give feedback,” Anthony pointed out, “so the whole idea of ‘practice makes perfect’ doesn’t apply.”

Ciara thought on that for a few seconds, then said, “Okay then, practice on me.”

“What?” It was the same kind of incredulous response one might expect after being told that the Food Network Channel owned the Olympics and all the outcomes were fixed.

“Sure. Why not?” Ciara continued. “Josh is still out doing his National Guard stuff and won’t be back for another couple of weeks. I’m pretty horny. You need to practice this to impress your girlfriend. I’d say the planets have aligned in your favor, Anthony.”

Anthony just stared at her.

“So, are you in, or out?”

“Uh … in, I guess?” Feeling a little unsure about what might happen next, Anthony stands. He is a bit shocked that Ciara offered this as an option.

“Are you staying the night? My parents know that your parents are gone for the summer, so they asked if you were staying here for a couple weeks.”

“Yea, I’ll stay,” Anthony said, looking away from Ciara, scratching the back of his head.

“Go on and get your shower then and come back when you’re finished,” Ciara directed Anthony.

He slowly opened her door, timider than when he first came to her room, he was so nervous. She told him to enter and hurry and close the door behind him. Once he had, he was standing in near-complete darkness. Then a soft light filled the room. It came from Ciara’s small reading lamp. She told Anthony to have a seat where he was before, and he did.

While he was taking his shower, Ciara wondered if she should put on some sexy lingerie. She thought it might enhance the moment, but there was really nothing romantic about this, or there shouldn’t be anyway. This was her childhood friend she didn’t feel a thing for. She wanted to be helpful but also didn’t want that to change anything in their long-time friendship. It was just Ciara giving her like-a-brother best friend lessons on how to successfully go down on a woman, which is why she didn’t have candles burning or soft music playing, either.

She opted to leave her light blue panties and matching light blue teddy on, knowing to a first-timer like Anthony that this would be enough.

“So,” Ciara began, “Are you ready for your first lesson?”

Anthony nodded, then a shaky, “Yeah,” escaped his lips. He was seeing Ciara in a different light with this fancy underwear, he thought.

Ciara pulled the cover off her body, then laid back and said to Anthony, “Remove my panties for me, please.”

Anthony reached out apprehensively, and with nervous fingers he pulled her panties off her. “Oh, shit,” he whispered as he caught sight of Ciara’s lady parts, a delicious caramel colored wonder of beauty with a dark landing strip of hair manicured just above the clit.

“What do you think?” Ciara asked.

“It’s beautiful,” Anthony breathed truthfully. This was the first time he had been up close to a real vagina. He had seen hundreds on pornos, but at this moment, none of them compared to his best friend’s.

Ciara smiled. “Okay, lesson number one: I want you to name all the parts of her.”

“Huh?” Anthony grunted, and when Ciara repeated herself, he just shrugged, but he did as she asked. “Okay. Um, this is your pubic hair, what little you have of it.” Ciara let out a giggle. “This is your clitty. These are … Um … vagina lips, and these …” he began to laugh. “These are bat wings, at least I think they are. That’s the only word I’ve ever heard to describe them, anyway.”

Ciara smiled at that, she had heard the same. Even still, “You forgot my clitoral hood, the ‘lips’ are actually called ‘labia majora,’ and the ‘bat wings,’ or slit, is called ‘labia minora.’ I want you to know this because there is more to a woman’s vagina than just what you see. Every bit of it is as sensitive as your dick, if not more so, which means that every bit of it deserves attention, not just the clit. Understood?”

“Yeah,” Anthony answered.

Ciara was going to have Anthony try to eat her on his own, without direction, but the more she thought about that the more she knew the result would be akin to watching grass grow, for her, anyway; so she said, “Come up here, Anthony. Lay down with me.” He did so, and very humbly refused to meet her gaze. She placed a finger under his chin and drew his head up. “It’s okay. You can look at me.” He smiled. “There’s more to cleaning the plate than just cleaning the plate, Anthony. You can’t just get down there and do it. You have to build to it. It’s all about seduction.”

He nodded his understanding. “Do you think I’m pretty, Anthony?”

“Yeah. Of course.” It came out as a breathy whisper.

“Then tell me so.”

“Ciara, you’re one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Just to be here with you right now, like this, is something I will cherish forever.”

Ciara laughed a little, “You laid it on thick there, didn’t ya?”

“Was that ot authentic enough?” Anthony smiled a big grin.

Ciara gave a little playful eye roll.

“Alright, how about this, ‘Ciara, you’re the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and I’d be a fool not to take tonight serious.”

She smiled. “Thank you, Anthony. Knowing that makes me feel I am special.” She then leaned in and softly kissed him on the lips, but he kissed her with his lips closed, like one would kiss a relative. “No, Anthony. Not like that. Kiss me the way you kiss … Sasha, is it?”

Anthony nodded, then closed his eyes, then parted his lips as he moved in closer to Ciara. Their lips met, then he slowly inserted his tongue into her mouth. Ciara latched onto it and allowed her own tongue to enter Anthony’s mouth. They found a rhythm of lips only softly going up and down, light smacking filling the air as they did so.

Ciara pulled back a little and said, “Kiss my neck.”

This was something Anthony knew he was good at. He went to the side of Ciara’s neck and began to softly lick and suck. Not hard enough for a hickey, but enough to elicit the response he had hoped for.

“Oh, yes,” Ciara sighed. “That’s the spot. Right there.” She moved a hand behind Anthony’s head and gently held him in place. She craned her neck a little more, giving him ultimate access. If he had been on top of her, she would have enveloped him with her legs.

“Take my top off.” Her voice was so husky that she hardly recognized it as her own. She arched her back, then lifted her shoulders up, and that was all there was to Anthony removing her teddy top.

He began kissing her lips again, then moved his right hand to her left breast. He immediately felt her nipple harden even as he wondered how something so soft could be so firm. Anthony slowly kissed his way down and made a beeline for Ciara’s nipple, but she stopped him.

“Don’t assume that the nipple is the only party of the breast that’s sensitive. Just like a vagina, sensitivity is throughout. Take your time with it. Kiss every part of it. Let the nipple be your destination but enjoy the journey as you build toward it. Believe me, Sasha will appreciate that.”

Anthony nodded his understanding and began softly kissing every part of Ciara’s pert, small breast. He spent what he reckoned a good five minutes kissing the sides, the under-boob, and above the nipple before taking the nipple itself into his mouth.

“Oh, yes,” Ciara softly moaned. “That’s it, Anthony. Suck it lightly. Nothing too rough.” She allowed him to suck it for all of a minute, then said, “Lightly gnaw it. Oooh. Yeah. Just like that. Now flick your tongue on the end of it.” Her hand had found the back of his head again, and she held him in place as he continued to send tiny shockwaves throughout her body.

She was aware that she was wet between her legs, but as much as she wanted to shove his face down there, she had to remind herself that this was a tutorial. She hadn’t anticipated Anthony making her body react in this way.

“Move to my right breast now.” He did, slowly, taking care to ensure she benefitted from the move. “Now lightly tweak my left nipple.” He pinched it. “Oh! Oh! Yes. Just like that.”

Anthony thought that Ciara might be overselling her excitement, then again, there was something in her labored breathing to suggest she was being genuine.

Ciara whispered, “Lightly run your hand from my breast to my pussy. Take your time. There’s no rush.”

Anthony did as directed, and upon finally settling between her legs, nearly shouted, “Damn!”


Whispering, he said, “You’re really wet down there.” He felt a little ego boost coming over him. He had done that to her.

“Keep lightly rubbing like you were,” Ciara commanded him, so he did. After a few minutes of this, however, she said, “Place your palm on my clit.”

After he had done so, she said, “Apply some pressure and move it in a circular motion.” Anthony did, and about thirty seconds in Ciara whispered, “Don’t stop.” Another fifteen seconds and her legs moved wider apart as she said, “I’m almost there.” Ten seconds more and it was all she could do to contain her yelp of pleasure as she achieved her first orgasm of the night. Panting like an overheated animal, she said, “Oh, God, that was great. Thank you, Anthony.”

“I really made you cum?” he asked in disbelief.

“You did, and it was wonderful.” She pulled him up and kissed him on the lips, then said, “Slowly kiss your way down and get your prize.”

He knew she must be talking about her cum, and since he had never tasted any before, he was more than anxious to find out everything he could about it. Also, seeing Ciara being so dominant was a real turn on. He hadn’t noticed this as a trait; maybe he should have.

He obeyed her rule, and took his time kissing his way down, but once there, he slid his tongue into her slit and French-kissed it like he had been kissing her all night. Oh, the taste was more than he imagined it would be. It was immediately sweet with a saltiness on the back end. Not too salty, though; more like salted caramel, if he could make the comparison.

“Okay, Anthony. Move up and take my clit into your mouth. Latch onto it, then run your tongue in a counterclockwise motion. Not too fast, though. Just … Yes. Just like that.” She lay back to enjoy this phase of the night. She gripped her nipples and lightly tugged at them as Anthony continued to suck her clit. She cocked her legs wide.

A hand, seemingly of its own volition, had snaked its way down behind his head, then the other followed suit. “Oh, God. I’m almost there. Don’t stop, Anthony. Don’t stop …” then thirty seconds of silence, she was bucking her hips even as she pulled his mouth deeper inside of her, and finally she collapsed, more out of breath than she was before.

A huge smile was on Anthony’s face, even as he lapped at Ciara’s sweet juices, he was proud and confident at his ability to make her cum. What surprised him, though, was when she inserted two fingers into herself, removed them, and placed them in her mouth. “What the hell?”

Ciara’s only response was to pull Anthony up and lick her residue from his lips while saying, “Mmmmm, mmmmm.”

“You … eat your own cum?”

“Yeah,” she said with a smile. “It tastes good, doesn’t it?”

“Well, yeah, but I just didn’t think …”

“I like it,” she reiterated. She kissed him one final time, then said, “So, Anthony, I’d have to give you an A-plus your first time out. You really did a number on me tonight.”

“Thanks,” Anthony said with a goofy laugh. More seriously, he said, “You taught me a lot, Ciara. Thanks.” He stood to leave, and that is when Ciara noticed the bulge in his underwear. Anthony getting horny was nothing she gave any consideration to this whole time, but now that it was literally in her face, she had no choice but to respond.

“Wait. Don’t go yet.”

“Hunh? Why not?” Anthony looked down, knowing that might happen. He had just planned to finish himself off in the bathroom then return to sleep on some blankets on Ciara’s floor, as he had always done.

“Well … I was thinking that maybe I could give you a preview of what to expect from Sasha.”

“Really?” Anthony asked excitedly. “You’d really do that for me?” He was curious about her talents, he thought. But when had that even become a thought. He had never though of Ciara like that. Seeing as though he did just have his face entrenched between her legs, the thought came through his subconscious as he slurped her up.

“Considering what you just did for me, yeah, why not?”

Anthony lowered his underwear and asked, “Where do you want me?”

“Right here,” Ciara answered, patting her pillow as she moved to the foot of the bed. Anthony got himself into position, then Ciara took his stiff dick into her hand. She guessed it to be about six and a half inches in length, but it was pretty thick, somewhat hairy. She’d have to get on him about that, just not right now.

She thought for a moment if she should suck his balls, but hairiness aside, it seemed too intimate an act. She lowered her head and took him into her mouth and slowly deep throated him.

“Oh, fuckin’, ahh,” Anthony moaned. He spent a total of perhaps two minutes in Ciara’s mouth before announcing, “Oh damn. I’m gonna cum.”

Another quandary: should she allow him to cum in her mouth? She loved the taste of cum and was one of those ardent believers that the high protein content was good for her complexion and hair. Still, it was Anthony, and this, too, seemed a bit too intimate. She removed her mouth and jerked him off, allowing his cum to pool around her fingers instead. Her vigorous jerking decreased in speed to light pumping, then she stopped altogether. “How was that?”

Anthony wanted to tell Ciara just how awesome it was, how great this whole night had been, but this wasn’t about them falling in love, it was about lessons on how he could please another woman. With that in mind, he answered, “If not for the fact that it’s the only dick sucking I’ve ever had, I’d say it was the best.”

Ciara laughed. “Alright, man, go and get yourself cleaned up. Oh, and do the female population a favor and trim yourself up down there.”

“Oh. Yeah. Right,” Anthony responded a bit sheepishly, then left to do just that. When he came back, he fixed his pallet on the floor and was easily sleep after that.

Ciara made her way to her bathroom and turned on the water, then looked at the globules of cum that had pooled in her palms, she washed the residue from them before returning to her bed. She knew she’d sleep well tonight, and she barely had time to begin thinking about what tomorrow night’s lesson would be before she was sound asleep.

Ciara had left for work before Anthony had awakened for the day, he knew she would be gone. Her mom made breakfast and offered Anthony some when he finally awoke.

“Anthony, you want some of these waffles I’m making?” Mrs. Hudson asked as Anthony strolled into the kitchen rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“No thanks,” Anthony said yawning and raising his arms to stretch. With just a T-shirt on and shorts, he felt right at home.

“You sure boy? You lookin’ on the thin side to me.”

Anthony laughed, “Naw, I am good, for real.”

“Ok,” Mrs. Hudson said unconvinced.

I thought you and the Mr. were supposed to be at court by now,” Anthony mentioned, noticing it was 10am.

“We did and came back. It was a short hearing and we have some time in between. Well at least I did. He is about to head back out now, I’ll be here ‘til about noon and then head back to the office to prepare for my next hearing.”

“Thank you for letting me stay here while my parents go away,” Anthony said while sipping some orange juice.

“I wish you and that crazy daughter of mines and you just get together already.” Mrs. Hudson had her hand on her hip, sipping on her coffee.

“Huuuh,” now a nearly choking Anthony said as he tries to gather his breath from orange juice going down the wrong tube. “We both are dating people…”

“Yea I suppose. Ciara is in a phase though. Those older guys won’t stick around too long,” Mrs. Hudson shrugged and then left the kitchen.

Anthony staring off after her, was still surprised she had said that. He couldn’t think too much longer on it though, he had to get to work. He was already at work by the time Ciara got home. After her parents had turned in for the evening, she left a note on kitchen counter where she knew Anthony would see it, telling him to come to her room after he showered.

He found the door slightly ajar and entered, closing it behind him. “Ciara?” he whispered.

She turned the lamp on to find him standing at her door in a T-shirt and his boxer-briefs. “Why are you still dressed?” she asked.

“Well, I didn’t want Mr. and Mrs.’s Hudson to accidently see me in the nude and see what I packing walking out and seeing me naked in the hallway,” he replied.

“What I mean is, you’re in here now. You should be completely nude.”


“Do you honestly think that just one lesson is going to get it?” Ciara asked. “There is still so much to learn, Anthony. You need diversity in your repertoire.

“Oh! Right!” he whispered loudly. “I didn’t think of it like that.”

Anthony removed his clothing, and immediately Ciara noticed that he had completely shaved his pubes. She smirked at this, then threw her covers back to reveal her own naked body, then said, “Are you ready?”

Anthony smirked, “Where to start?”

“I want you to duplicate what you did last night, but I want you to make it your own. I won’t be coaching you. That is, not until I deem it necessary.”

“Right,” Anthony said. He crawled in bed next to Ciara and kissed her lightly on the lips. She was a beautiful woman. He had always thought so, just not so staright forwardly so. It had always just been in the back of his mind. He had never thought of her like this, as a lover of sorts. He brushed the damp curls from her face and looked deeply into her eyes. She smelled so good, freshly washed body and hair. Vanilla was the scent he was picking up on as he said, “You are such a beautiful woman, Ciara. I don’t mean just physically, either. You have such a beautiful spirit about you.”

“Oh, Anthony. Thank you. That’s the nicest thing you have ever said to me.”

“I mean it,” he told her.

“I know,” she blushed. Anthony couldn’t too much tell in the dim lit room by her one night table lamp near her bed. But he could tell she was squirming a bit under his gaze. They’d never looked at each other in the eyes for this long unless they were having a staring contest. They were normally clothed.

“Before we start, can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Is there any reason a man goes down on a woman first? You know … That just seems to be the case from what I hear people say.”

“There’s a couple of reasons for it,” Ciara began in answering his query. “Number one, women tend to be multi-orgasmic while men, for the most part, get their nut and they’re done. Number two—and this is building upon number one—generally speaking, when a man has an orgasm, his mentality is that sex for the moment is over. This is why you need to ensure your partner is as satisfied as she can possibly be before you have your orgasm, and this is why knowing how to please a woman with your mouth and hands will ensure she stays satisfied even when your dick calls it quits for the night.”

“Those are both good reasons,” he admitted. He smiled, closed his eyes, and he and Ciara began kissing once more. He did follow last night’s lesson plan to some degree, peppering it with little add-ons that he thought might enhance things. Some did, others did not, but for the most part Ciara didn’t seem too annoyed with his improvisations. When he made his way down to her pleasure box, this time something came over him.

Anthony’s tongue was all over Ciara’s clit, moving at lightning speed and with two times earth’s gravity pushing down on it. Ciara spun her hips and had successfully manipulated Anthony onto his back. She was now on top and she began to grind her vagina into his mouth as hard as she could. She pinched her nipples so hard that she cried out, then she exploded into Anthony’s mouth.

It had been a long time since she had had an orgasm of this magnitude, and she relished every moment of it. Anthony, on the other hand, didn’t know what the hell was going on. He had seen squirters in pornos before, but he never thought he would be fortunate enough to actually experience one. He swallowed all of Ciara’s sweet, creamy cum, and continued to lick inside her even after she had stopped thrusting her hips. “Oh, my God,” Ciara whispered. “That was fucking awesome.”

“You’re telling me,” Anthony said.

“You were great, honestly,” Ciara said before kissing his cheek. Then, “Oh, when, exactly, are you and Sasha going to get together for this?”

“Friday. We’re both off work that night, so dinner, a movie—maybe, and then back to her place since her folks are going to be out of town.”

“So, we have two more days to hone your skills,” Ciara said more than asked. “I think we can do it. In the meantime, …” she pulled Anthony’s erect cock from his underwear and began to suck it. Anthony lasted a full five minutes this time to his credit, and Ciara did allow him to cum in her mouth. She continued to suck it softly even after swallowing his semen.”

“Wow. You swallowed it?”

“Don’t you swallow mine?” she asked.

“I just thought women were … You know, anal about that.”

“Some are. I’m not. Now, go get cleaned up.” As Anthony stood, Ciara said, “I have something special planned for tomorrow night.”

“More special than last night and tonight? I couldn’t imagine.” He exited the room to clean himself up, wondering. He returned and did as the night before on Ciara’s floor. Before fully drifting off, what Mrs. Hudson had said earlier popped into his head.

The next day, Anthony was on pins and needles in anticipation. It was all he could think about while at work, then on his way back to Ciara’s. Part of him wondered if he was cheating because Ciara was his best friend. She was just helping him out, right? Nothing serious. Not like they wanted to be together, or even had feelings for each other.

When Anthony exited his shower that night, he found Ciara lying naked on her bed. His dick, which had been at half mast, sprang to full erection. Ciara sat up and said, “Put one foot on your mattress and spread the other out some.” He did as he was told, then Ciara slid between his legs and onto the floor. She opened her mouth and took his balls into her mouth one at a time.

“Holy shit,” Anthony whispered. Sometimes he didn’t want to think about how she learned all these things, but he definitely appreciated her skill.

Ciara continued to suck them for a full five minutes, then she said, “Lay down.” Anthony did, and she moved atop him, straddling his face. “Show me how you’re gonna eat that girl’s vagina Friday night, Anthony. Show me how you’re gonna make her cum.”

Anthony had positioned his hands on Ciara’s perfectly shaped hips, but he soon snaked a hand up and began tweaking her right nipple even as his tongue worked her clit over. “Oh! Hunh! Harder, Anthony. Pinch it harder.” He did. “Oh shit. That’s it. Just like that, and eat it more. Yeah-yeah, in and out. You’ve got it. Oh, shit, Anthony. Here it comes,” and Ciara came into his mouth as she had the previous nights.

Before he could begin licking her clean, though, she turned, placing them in a sixty-nine. Anthony pulled her down to his mouth before locking his arms around her hips and ass; oh her ass was so nice and smooth, she wasn’t going anywhere with his vice grip. On the other hand, Ciara had devoured Anthony’s dick and drove it as far down her throat as it would go.

He was so turned on that he came almost immediately, but that was okay as she had planned to get two orgasms out of him tonight. The first, an annoyance really because of how quickly it happened, was out of the way. Now she could put her skills to work to ensure he enjoyed the second.

The two stayed in that sixty-nine for all of thirty minutes. Ciara came about seven or eight times while she worked on getting Anthony off again, and it finally happened. Once over, they both just lay where they were, she atop him, as they caught their breath. She kissed his dick before turning toward him. “So, how was that experience?”

“I’d need a dictionary to find the right words,” Anthony answered. “It was freakin’ awesome, Ciara.”

She smiled, then kissed his forehead. “Rest up for tomorrow. You’re going to need it.”

“You mean it’s going to be even better than this?” he asked excitedly.

Ciara said nothing. In fact, the only sound that could be heard was her smacking herself on the ass as she exited to her bathroom.

Ciara was off today, but she left early anyway so as not to be around Anthony when he awoke. She felt it best that they avoid one another until tonight, their final night of lessons. She had shopping to do anyway, so might as well get it done. She called her friend Jasmine Knight and the two had themselves a much-needed spa day.

Upon arriving home, she began setting things up in her room. Everything had to be perfect, no exceptions. Once finished, she read a little, and one hour before Anthony was due back to her house, she ran a bath and soaked herself well in emollient oils. Afterwards, she dressed herself. She anticipated this just as much as he must be, she knew, because her underwear was already wet.

Twenty minutes later there was a light knock at her door. “Come in,” she whispered.

Anthony walked in and immediately asked, “What’s with all this?” He was speaking in reference to the dozen or so vanilla-scented candles that were burning throughout the room.

“It’s your graduation day,” Ciara’s voice called from the bathroom. She stepped forward to reveal herself to Anthony.

“Ho-ly shit,” Anthony whispered when he saw Ciara. She was wearing black four-inch heels, black fishnet stockings, a black garter belt, and black thong panties. He thought she was the sexiest thing alive. Ciara stood at 5’6”, but normally would reach the middle of Anthony’s chest, he being 6’2”. She walked up to him, with these heels she was right under his chin, but he fell to his knees. He definitely wouldn’t forget this.

How could she continue to amaze him? He removed her panties and went down on her right there in the middle of her room while she stood before him. She came quickly, she had been waiting all day, just like Anthony. Tonight, they wouldn’t be able to go back.

“Take me to the bed,” she commanded him, and he did. He removed his underwear and lay down and she immediately went for his dick, devouring it in one gulp. She was slow and deliberate in how she worked her mouth around it, and she was glad to see that he lasted all of fifteen minutes before coming. Once she swallowed that, she moved up, reached between his legs, and held his dick in place. She hovered above it, as if wondering if she should fully commit to what she had planned.

“Wh-What are you doing, Ciara?”

There was such wonderment in his eyes. She couldn’t deny that. She lowered her warm, moist box onto his dick and had to actually slap a hand across his mouth to stifle the loud moan that escaped his lips. She immediately moved down and kissed him as she moved her hips back and forth. “This is what it’s all about, Anthony,” she whispered. “This is the culmination of all our work. Make love to me.”

She placed his hands on her hips and fell into his groove of in-out, in-out. His dick was already well lubricated thanks to the sopping wetness of her. They made love like this for about five minutes before she told him to turn over. Now, with her back on the bed, he was on top and driving his dick into her to the hilt. Twenty minutes later he was still thrusting.

Ciara said, “You can cum in me, Anthony. I’m on the pill.”

“Oh, Jesus Christ!” Anthony exclaimed as he unloaded himself inside Ciara. Just the thought and surprise of her words sent him overboard. He wept from the euphoria of it all and told her it was the most glorious thing he ever experienced.

Ciara, who had this time indeed entwined her legs around Anthony, continued to hold him as he kissed her on the breasts and neck and mouth. As he subsided, she said, “Now you’re ready to be the man Sasha deserves.”

Anthony smiled meekly. “Yeah, I suppose. Um…”

“Go ahead, Anthony. I know how you feel, this was your first time.”

“Thanks,” Anthony said. He collected his things from the floor and went into Ciara’s bathroom this time, instead of using the one in the hallway. Ciara allowed the candles to continue burning as she lay there with her hands behind her head. When Anthony comes back to lay on the floor, he sees Ciara sleeping so peacefully. He found it quite calming watching her low breaths as her chest rises and falls.

The following night, Anthony stopped by Ciara’s room prior to keeping his date with Sasha. He looked anxious, troubled, so Ciara invited him to sit on her bed. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

Anthony was unsure if he should say what he was feeling at this moment, but he remembered who he was talking to. This girl is his best friend and he could tell her anything, even if it involved the two of them. “It’s just … you and I have been through a lot this week, Ciara. I’ve experienced things with you that I never would have dared dream were possible, and now I’m supposed to go be with someone else? I don’t know if I can do it. I just … I just want things to continue with you and I.”

“Oh, Anthony. That’s such a sweet sentiment. Really, it is, but I told you from the beginning that Josh and I were still very much a couple. Besides, you have so many experiences awaiting you. Sasha is just your first. You have a whole lifetime of adventures just waiting to happen for you, and if you were exclusive to me, you’d miss out on every one of them, and I don’t want that to happen for you like that. You and I will always have this memory, but it’s time to make new ones as well.”

Anthony nodded. “I understand.” Silence, then, “Can we at least continue with each other every now and then? Can you give me that much? Consider it updates on my lessons.”

Ciara laughed. “Once a month. Maybe. If you’re a good boy.” She hit Anthony on the arm playfully and gave him a little shy look. Deep down she had really enjoyed the time they spent this week. She has had so many experiences she didn’t want to ruin that for him. She was happy, happier than she thought she would be, to be his first. Ciara kind of liked the idea of her being his first and last. She knew sometime down the line they could possibly be together. She had something to look forward to that way.

Anthony smiled, and without another word he left for his date.

Anthony and Sasha opted for a pizza at her place and watched some TV, and then it was all about taking that next step. By the time it was over, Anthony had rocked Sasha’s world and she had rocked his. They watched some more TV and spoke of how much they loved one another, and how inevitable that next step was now that this was out of the way. “Next week,” Sasha promised, and Anthony grinned like the Cheshire cat.

Once home, Anthony saw Ciara’s bedroom light still on. After getting himself showered from Sasha’s scent, he went over to Ciara’s to tell her all about the date. As Anthony was making his way to the front door, he thought it would be a nice surprise to go through her window, like when they were in middle school.

Climbing the big oak tree on the side of Ciara’s house, Anthony tried to stay as quiet as he could not to give himself away. He opened her already cracked window and saw that Ciara was asleep, her back turned to him, and a single candle, the flame of which flickered back and forth.

Anthony left the window cracked and made his way to her bed. He pulled the sheet back to reveal her naked bottom. She had such a beautiful ass. He lifted her ass cheek and affixed his mouth to her pleasure box and began to suck it, even as he removed his clothing. She moaned lightly, stirred, then a hand crept back and held Anthony’s head in place as she pushed her ass out toward him.

He lapped at her like a thirsty dog at water, then pulled her legs apart and began sucking her clit. This lasted just a few seconds, though, as he was so jazzed on the idea of having sex with her again that he simply crawled in her bed behind her and eased his dick into her. She moaned maybe a bit too loudly, but that didn’t stop her from finding his rhythm.

Anthony wanted to fuck her like she was a ten-dollar crack whore, but he respected her more than that. He kept an easy pace, making love as opposed to fucking, and in less than five minutes they achieved mutual orgasm. They lay there, his arms draped around her, and Ciara finally said, “You know, I really don’t think us doing this once a week would hurt anything. You?”

Anthony kissed the back of her neck and held her. He wanted to fall asleep with her, asked if he could, and when she answered yes, he shut his eyes and did just that.

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