Love Bug by Liselle Powder

I asked readers and authors to write a short story or poem to this prompt: His misty black eyes pierced her soul and caused her body to tremble. He began to speak.

*Disclaimer- For mature audiences only

His misty black eyes pierced her soul and caused her body to tremble.
What should I do? Should I let him traumatize me some more?
Her heart pounding, with every step he takes.
She kept still, allowing his manly fragrance to captivate, her ecstasy sore.
Closer, his lips so sweet, he passed his tongue in and out.
Her knees buckled, her hands wet, the urges are longing
Her body already wet, with sweat? No but with…
The hunger, the thirst to quench the fire flaming.
His strong muscles and rippled chest she sees.
Made her gasp of wanting to be embraced
The atmosphere is just right, passion in the air.
His walk, so strong like a lion seeing his prey.
She wants to be devoured, she doesn’t care what it cost.
She swallows hard, because she knows what will happen.
I am already in. I can’t change my mind, she thought.
Her willing eyes fixed on her prize skirt unbutton.
His face so stern, as he gets closer to her.
The heat waves are so strong, like electricity volts.
Shocking through, the chemistry of two.
Like musical science, with notes afloat.
At last, two hearts beat as one.
The energy as they stare at each other.
With hands clasped, bodies shake.
Passion rises, feelings explode, it’s done.
The pleasures of love fill the air
Deep breath panting, in each other’s arm , no fear.

-Liselle Powder, Author of Still Overcoming

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