Book Talks – Anastasia – First Chapter

Anastasia – Synopsis: 

Growing up Anastasia’s only wish was for her father to come and sweep her away from life’s daily struggles. Everything seemed so complicated with her mother. With the holidays approaching there came hope. This year she would take matters into her own hands. Though sometimes, it’s best to leave some things to the unknown and move forward.When love comes sometimes hate, jealousy, and treachery soon follow. Anastasia will soon learn that you should be careful what you wish for and leave some things as they are. Or with tragedy can come an unexpected peace. Will she finally get the family she always wanted?

Chapter 1

Mom & Dad

Anastasia’s parents always had a good time when they were together. They met in their early years of college, officially at a party hosted by a mutual friend. The party actually being for Angie, Anastasia’s mom, a welcome and birthday celebration. She was turning 20, and things for her had gone great this first semester. She had transferred in the second half of the year. She made quite a few friends very fast. And the weather was amazing, as they lived on the West Coast.

Angie was a partier, so her meeting people didn’t come as a problem. She was also very attractive, so she was always being asked on dates by the guys she came in contact with, but she hadn’t been interested. There was one guy who had stolen her attention the day she moved to California. When she moved from New York to attend the University of California to learn more about the film, Derek was her Lyft driver! They couldn’t stop talking on their first eight-minute ride.

Angie used Lyft for the first whole week of arriving to get around and familiarize herself with the surroundings. After six days of Lyfting around with Derek, the seventh day, he was not her driver. She was slightly upset and had hoped she saw him again. During that time, she didn’t think to get his number or even name. Derek, at the time, had been mesmerized by her beauty. Those piercing, hazel-green eyes made him forget his own name. Angie and Derek hadn’t seen each other since.

When the party was thrown for Angie, she was excited. It gave her a reason to get really dressed up. In a sequin army colored mini dress that complimented the green in her eyes, you could see Angie swaying her hips to the music. With her dress being so short, her thick thighs were definitely on display, and her caramel skin had a glow under the light of the night flames of the bonfires set up on the beach.

The cool sand felt good between her toes as she held onto her sandals. She didn’t have a care in the world. But in the back of her mind, she did have a thought about where Derek had disappeared to. During their initial meeting, they had talked about her moving to go to school, and he mentioned that he too was in school at the university. Thoughts of him would occasionally cross her mind throughout the semester.

As if right on cue, the music had come to a slow stop as in transition to the next song, and Angie slowed her dancing down. She wanted to get a drink. She passed a few ladies that had been in a couple of her classes and said hi. When she reached the bar, something told her to turn around. As soon as she did, she saw Derek making his way through the crowd, high fiving guys to his left and right. Once he got about 10 feet away from Angie, he looked up and saw her staring with her mouth hanging slightly open. Like she had seen a ghost.

Derek could not believe his eyes. He had been looking all over campus for her the day before when he heard about the party. He had never given Angie his name, but she had mentioned hers when she hopped in the car the first day they met. He was hoping that it was the same Angie. As he walked up, he had intended to go to the bar because he saw a fine young lady in a sequin dress. Those thighs and her behind were looking great in the distance and hoped the face matched the physique.

Angie had a small waist, but that was about all that was small on her. Everywhere else was thick, plump, and mouthwatering. When she turned around, Derek stopped in his tracks. He was not expecting it to be her. Plus, she had a nice cleavage that drew your attention as well. With her hair in a messy, curly bun atop her head, you could also see the dragon tattoo peeking around her neck, leading down her left shoulder. As Derek got closer, he noticed her very clean, clear face. She wore no makeup, just some shiny lip gloss that made her plump lips desirable. Derek wanted them between his own.

A smile formed on Angie’s face when she saw that he remembered her. It had been a few months, but they had left lasting impressions on each other. Derek did have a different haircut though. When she had met him, his hair was more grown out, kind of the rough look, but it had worked for him. Now he rocked a high tapered fade, and his face was clean shaven, leaving a mustache and chinstrap. Angie was feeling butterflies now as he continued to make his way to her at the bar.

“This spot taken?” Derek asked, giving her a smirk.

“Nope, go head and take the seat.” Angie said shyly now. She had been waiting for this moment, but actually seeing him had made her slightly nervous.

“You remember me?”

“Yea, my trusty Lyft driver; though you left me stranded that seventh day,” she laughed.

“My bad. I had a family emergency, and I couldn’t drive the next couple weeks. I ended up missing a lot of assignments. Luckily I was excused and caught up.”

“I was only joking. I hope your family is ok.” Angie looked away to finally order her drink.

“Here you go,” the bartender returned hastily with her drink.

“Thank you. You gettin’ anything Derek?” Angie asked giving him a sultry look.

“What’s on the menu?” Derek asked, equally intrigued.

Angie blushing, slid the menu over to Derek, but knew that’s not what he meant, and waited until he finally asked for two beers.

“Two Coronas, please.”

“Coming right up.”

“Who is the other for?” Angie inquired. “Got yourself a hot date with you tonight?”

“Not even close, hoping to though,” Derek gave Angie a serious look for a minute.

Anyone watching from the outside could tell there was something there. Their body language insinuated that they were attracted to each other physically and mentally. The way Derek stood close to Angie and spoke to her showed he was listening and interested. While the way Angie toyed with the buttons on Derek’s shirt showed that she wouldn’t mind getting him naked.

About 30 minutes later, the two realized how long they had been standing there and found a place that they could be alone in.

“Looks like the birthday girl gettin’ lucky tonight!’ someone off in the distance shouted. Angie giggled, and they proceeded to leave the beach.

There was such a blissful air around the two. When they headed back to the dorms, since Derek’s was closer, they stopped there. Once they hit the hallway towards his room, his hands wouldn’t stop grabbing at Angie’s legs. He couldn’t wait to get them around him.

“That tickles!” Angie was laughing lightly.

“Well then stop running from me,” Derek laughed.

“Trust me, I don’t run,” Angie said, winking and giving a sexy smirk.

“Oh, we’ll see,” Derek challenged.

Once Derek jammed his key into the lock and turned it as quickly as he could without breaking it, clothes started coming off. Angie had moved so swiftly out of her dress. Derek figured there wasn’t much of it there in the first place when he turned from locking the door to eye Angie up and down. He gave a silent prayer, God, don’t let me mess this up or buss too fast.

As Derek made his way to the bed, that Angie was now lying across, he made sure he had a condom in his nightstand, a few actually. Him being always prepared, there was a fresh pack of five. Now Derek wasn’t a man hoe or anything, he just knew that he always wanted to be prepared. No unexpected babies on his watch. He would replace his condoms every month, even if they were unused.

Angie was staring at Derek; she couldn’t believe how her body was reacting to him right now. Normally she was the type of girl to wait it out a little and really get to know a guy, especially since she had only had sex with one other guy, but something told her that he was the one. Once Derek’s lips touched Angie’s, her body confirmed what her mind was thinking. As he hovered over Angie, with only a small space between the two, her mind starts to escape to ecstasy.

The way he’s kissing me has my body on fire, and now that I’ve had a good taste, I know that I’ll never have enough of this man, Angie thoughtas she started tugging at Derek’s shirt to be removed. As he pulled it over his head, Angie proceeded to untie the string from Derek’s board shorts he was wearing. Finally, down to boxers, Derek’s hands start roaming over Angie’s body, first cupping her face ever so gently and bringing his hand down to her neck, turning her head to the side with his thumb to reach the space between her jawline and neck.

Derek brings his lips back to hers and continues his journey, moving his hands down the neck to grope her breasts. He gripped at Angie’s waist, trying to bring her closer than she already was to his body. Angie could feel his manhood rising against her stomach as he rolled her on top of him so that his weight wouldn’t be too much. Derek grabbed Angie’s thighs and scooted her a little further up onto him and started to grind against her. Both suddenly kissing harder, deeper, with an urgent need they’ve never known before.

As Angie came up for air, she wastes no time in removing her underwear and pulling down Derek’s boxers. He springs to life and Angie just stares for a moment.

“Are you alright?” Derek looks concerned for a moment.

“Yes…I’ve only done this, well had sex, with one other guy when I was 17, he was my first of course, and we dated for about a year. I’m still new to this, but my body is telling me to give you it all.”

“Don’t worry, I can handle all the work,” Derek said, giving Angie that amazing smile. Her nervousness subsided some, and she was all hot and bothered once more, returning a smirk with sultry eyes.

Derek switched their positions once again and Angie laid under him getting comfortable. They stared at one another as Derek pushed in, a little deeper, nudging slowly, slowly. Angie’s eyes widened, and she inhaled roughly as he entered her. Derek immediately froze, steadying her with a hand to her hip, ensuring that neither of them moved.

“I’m sorry, you good?”

“Yes, yes. You’re pretty big,” Angie admitted letting out a small laugh.

“Well, thank you,” Derek said, letting out a laugh as well. “You’re really tight, I just hope I can make it worth it for you,” Derek smirked. He moved his hand to her face and looked her in her eyes as he began to stroke.

Angie looked back, and the emotion she saw on his face, in his eyes, distracted her from anything else. His sincerity had her, and she knew she was going to be in trouble with this one. She wanted more. More of him. More of this and them. She wanted to see him come apart inside of her. She wanted to find their own beautiful rhythm.

Angie had started moving with Derek and you could tell her tightness and movements along with his were bringing Derek closer and closer to a finish. Angie wanted it to last longer, so she tapped him to roll her on top. She lifted herself off of him to give him a small break. She kissed him deeply and slowly trailed kisses down his chest, stomach, right to his happy trail. She was so glad he groomed himself.

Looking right at Derek, Angie opened wide and brought her mouth down on him. He gasped out in delight. Slowly going up and down while twirling her tongue on his shaft, Angie made sure her mouth stayed wet, and Derek loved it. After several moments of head bobbing and deep throating Angie regained her balance on top of Derek. She loved the feel of Derek inside her. As she bounced, Derek was trying to hold on and not come undone too fast.

Derek grabbed onto Angie’s hips and glided her motions to a slower pace so that he could pace himself and enjoy every second of it. He was deep inside of her, and his involuntary motions sped up. Angie was nearing her climax, and Derek decided that as soon as she hit, he wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer. After a few more deep thrusts, Angie was screaming out and pulsating around Derek. Derek released a second after Angie and let out a deep grunt of pleasure.

After removing the used condom, Derek threw on another. He wasn’t done. This time he wasn’t going to be as gentle. He hadn’t had any in about a month so he could go again shortly after. As he hovered over Angie, he saw that she looked beat with a huge smile on her face.

“You think you can go again?” Derek asked, pleading on the inside that she said yes.

“Give me about two minutes to catch my breath,” Angie laughed.

After getting up to get some water, Derek and Angie were back at it again. Derek kissed Angie all over and got turned on just by the softness of her skin against his lips. As he reached lower, he spread those thick thighs and saw she was already moist and ready for some more of him. He slid his tongue between her slit and slowly licked up and down, twirling his tongue in a circular motion, sliding his tongue in and out of her. When she couldn’t take it any longer, she pulled him so that he could position himself inside of her.

She gasped in pleasure and her hands slid down the tensing muscles in his back, feeling his rhythmic thrusting throughout her whole body. He balanced himself on one elbow, tracing sensual patterns up and down her ribs and over her shoulder with his tongue; she began to groan with every thrust. Derek could feel her body beginning to tense, so he flipped Angie onto her stomach and lifted her butt up. He wanted to watch himself going in and out of her from behind.

As Derek gripped her hips and thrusted long, deep strokes with determination, he saw Angie gripping the bedsheets so tight he thought she might pull them off the mattress. Angie was on the verge, and as soon as she heard Derek’s voice in her ear, she reached her peak.

“What’s my name Angie?” Derek leaned forward onto Angie’s back and whispered.

“Derek,” she said low.

“Say it louder,” Derek thrusted even harder several times, and that was it for the both of them.

“Oh, Derek! Yes! I’m cumming.” Angie tightened like a knot pulled just too tight and suddenly fell. All of Angie’s energy escaped her.

“An…gie…” Derek groaned into her, releasing all he had left, and fell onto the bed next to her.  


            After that night, they were inseparable. The remaining years of college seemed to fly by. The three main activities they participated in was studying, partying, and of course, lots of sex. Angie couldn’t be happier. She felt she had met her soulmate and really didn’t want any of it to end.

Derek on the other hand felt similar. He knew he had a smart, beautiful, faithful woman and didn’t want to lose her. His major was in Education, and he knew that if he wanted to be a college professor, he needed to complete an additional year and a half after his undergrad years. Angie didn’t mind. She planned on getting herself a job to keep herself busy, as well as take a few more courses to further her knowledge as a therapist. She wanted to help children deal with abuse.

At her previous college, Angie had overloaded her schedule and had a lot of credits that went towards her degree, making it so she didn’t have to take an extra year. She also participated in summer school. She felt accomplished when her undergrad year had finally come to an end. She achieved her bachelor’s degree and was on her way to getting a job at a Boy’s and Girl’s club to get experience.

With all that they had going on, there were some weeks that they did not get to see each other, but would make up for lost time during the weekends. Angie could no longer live in the dorms because she was not a full-time student anymore, so she lived about 10 minutes away in a one-bedroom apartment that the school usually recommends to students moving from the dorms. Since it is more private, during the weekends, they both stayed in her apartment.

Angie and Derek spent a lot of time together, so some would think, but they never felt it was too smothering. They had their own lives outside of their relationship and they had goals they both wanted to achieve. At 22 now, going on 23, they were stable and didn’t have any worries, or so they thought.

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