Book Spotlight – Learning Self Therapy Through Writing – Nathaniel Gasdsen

The 5 words that best describe “Learning Self Therapy Through Writing” is: A Self Guided Journal to One’s Awakening.

The highlight of the book is the 4 Bridges of Life that everyone has to cross: I Am I Can I Want To I will Do It today. Once you cross these bridges, you are ready to journey through the book.

The purpose of the book is self exploration without judgement or distraction.

The themes that I revisit often in my writings are who am I, why am I here, and what does God require of me at this moment.

This Journal has monthly flushing sessions and weekly contracts that are to be completed. I enjoyed creating this part of the book. The writing prompts were the hardest to write, because I wanted to create prompts that really challenge the reader to think and unpack their stuff.

My closest friends may know this but – I would rather prepare a stage for someone to share their voice, then to be on the stage sharing mine.

Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2PLosJc

1 thought on “Book Spotlight – Learning Self Therapy Through Writing – Nathaniel Gasdsen”

  1. Looks very interesting. In my book, Mom’s Gone, Now What? Ten steps to help daughters move forward after mother loss, one of the steps is about the healing value of tapping into your creativity.


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