Book Talks- Betrayed and Scorned – First Chapter

Betrayed & Scorned – Synopsis:

Being a lawyer isn’t easy, and if anyone tells you that it is they might have been sent from the Devil. Tyrone has been a lawyer for a few years now, and the cases seem to really be hitting him hard, one in particular. The pressure to stay top dog at his office and keep his long-time girlfriend turned fiancé, Shaunda, happy becomes a lot on him. It leads him to a stream of sexcapades that he soon regrets. Just when Tyrone is finally making the right moves in his relationship, things take a turn for the worse. He didn’t realize the magnitude of what that one day at the park would unravel. What he didn’t know about his soon to be wife will determine his next move. Is he shocked by what he didn’t think she was capable of? Is there regret for not seeing or remembering their past? But, when she finds out what he did, will it even matter? Will she even stick around to ask for forgiveness? A compilation of short stories surrounding Tyrone’s sexcapades and experiences that ultimately intertwine with one another to create a mysterious, yet tantalizing, tale of betrayal and surprises that you will not see coming.

Chapter 1: Afternoon at the Park

 I saw her. She was standing, what seemed to be, 5’6, over the bridge across from the bench I was sitting on. I was trying not to stare, but quite honestly, I couldn’t help it. She was beautiful. Petite frame, but she had quite the body to admire. The way her hips moved from side to side as she switched footing, trying to balance herself. The way her chest bounced the slightest amount when she bent down and came back up. And I couldn’t forget about the fantastic view when she would lean forward to stretch. Perfect cupping size. Her cheeks seemed firm but soft. 

The only thing I was trying to do was get closer to get a good view of her face. As I was going to try and make my way over to her yoga class, my phone rang out, surprising me. It was my girlfriend. We had been together six, going on seven years. Why we hadn’t gotten married yet, I couldn’t tell ya. Everything had been good; it just seemed comfortable at this point. We weren’t moving forward, but we weren’t losing progress either. We seemed content with the current situation. 

“Hey, babe. How are you?”

“Good. Sitting at the park on my lunch break, which will be over in five minutes. What’s up?”

“Was just wondering what you might want to do for our anniversary this year.”

“I think we can talk about this later when I get home, but don’t worry. I’ll be thinking.” Crap. I couldn’t believe I forgot about it this time. 

“Ok. Well, love you.”

“Byyye,” I said, slowly pulling the phone from my ear as I caught that beautiful woman making her way in my direction. Her class must have been over. She had her mat under one arm and a tote bag on the shoulder of the other. She had her head down, texting or reading something on her phone. She sat right next to me. Now, I said I had to go back to work from lunch. Well guess who was taking an extended lunch. Ha-ha.

Up close, she was even more of a vision than I had hoped. Her skin was a gorgeous caramel. Her hair was curly, but not tangled, more tamed, into a high ponytail. I wanted to put my fingers through it, but I had to control the urge. I didn’t know what to say. Then when she looked up…

“Hi, can I help you? You’re staring. Is there something on me?”

Her eyes were a soft gray; her nose was cute and small with freckles running from under her right eye to her left eye across her nose. Her lips were full and edible. My mouth was slightly hung open as I could feel my pants tighten where my manhood fought to be tamed. 

“No, no. You’re just not the type of person I see every day.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” she asked with somewhat of a defensive tone. 

“Don’t take it the wrong way; I just mean to say you’re beautiful, and it caught me off guard.”

“Ah, I see. Well a man with your appearance doesn’t seem like you have trouble attracting women of my caliber,” she said with a tease and a smirk.

And from there, we talked for about an hour and a half before I realized the time again. When I told her that I had to head back to work, she suggested that I take the rest of the day off and continue talking with her. She even said that we could take the conversation back to her apartment a few blocks away. Part of me wanted to say no, that I shouldn’t, but the other was curious. It couldn’t hurt, could it?

As I took a moment to contemplate, which wasn’t that long because my pants pointed in the direction he wanted to go, I agreed. She seemed like a sweet woman. So, she grabbed her things off the bench and led me in the direction of her apartment. On the way, she asked me what I did for work. The five blocks seemed only to take a few moments as I explained my long days of defending criminals and filing paperwork with my research and court notations. She seemed intrigued enough, but maybe she was trying to be nice. Most people thought being a lawyer was pretty dull.

As she turned the knob to her door, after jiggling the handle a bit, she asked me if I wanted some brownies. Loving sweets, I immediately found my way to a seat at her kitchen table. She told me I could help myself to the plate of them. She was going to freshen up a bit. She didn’t look or smell sweaty, but she claimed that she felt sticky. I would love to get her sticky, I thought to myself as I licked my lips.

While I heard the shower running, I felt this haze come over me. I had eaten about three brownies already, so maybe that was what I was feeling: full. After placing the dishes I used in the sink, I made myself comfortable on her couch and waited for her to finish in the shower. I was a bit nervous because I had a girlfriend, and I thought I should get up. I’d been very faithful to my girlfriend and never thought about this. But now that I thought about it, my body felt so heavy. I guess I couldn’t move if I wanted to.

I heard the bathroom door open. I felt my pulse speed up. I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, she probably just put something comfortable on to chill. I was sure she looked amazing in anything. To my surprise, she came into the room with only a towel on, with droplets of water still visible on her smooth skin. Her hair was bouncier now that it hung from her head. The urge to run my fingers through it surfaced again. 

“So, how’d you like the brownies?”

“They were delicious. But I think I ate one too many. I’m feeling a bit of a lazy fit. Ha-ha.”

“The weed probably kicked in. You feel that buzz, right? Real calm… or anxious I guess, depending on how you are with it.”

“That would definitely explain this. I’m not a big pot person. I’ve tried it a few times here and there, but in my late teens…”

As I was talking about my few experiences with the drug, I noticed her move to the couch. Setting her hand on my thigh, she slowly moved it closer to the impending bulge. It couldn’t be helped. She was so damn sexy with just that towel. 

Moving her hand slowly on top of my crotch, up and down, she just nodded. “Mmhhm…mmhhmm…” Then tilting her head a bit, she started kissing my neck with those soft lips of hers. She gave me a chill. I wanted those lips elsewhere. She stopped and helped me remove my shirt. I was very conscious of my body and what it could do to the opposite sex.

She got on top and straddled me, towel still attached, but I could feel the heat in between her legs. She finally graced my lips with hers, and I was lost. She was a great kisser. Her tongue eventually found mine, and I could’ve stayed like that for hours, no lie. Her hands found my own curly fro, gripping it from the roots as she slowly started grinding on me. A soft moan came from both our mouths simultaneously. I just kept growing beneath her.

She pulled her mouth from mine to catch her breath. It was like she had read my mind from earlier when she was kissing on my neck because the next thing I knew, she had maneuvered herself between my legs. Unbuttoning and zipping down the zipper, she found him; it wasn’t hard. She grasped him in her delicate hands and firmly stroked him. I let my head fall back against the couch. I was almost ready to bust. Then I felt her tongue. Skillfully, she twirled her tongue around the head, inching every bit of my manhood into her mouth. I could feel everything. I was in heaven.

She continued to go all the way down to the base of my shaft. She had no reflex, I swear. It was like her mouth kept going, nothing was blocking my passage. I started moving my hips in rhythm with her mouth. I could bust right now on her face. And before I could think about holding on any longer, I released inside her mouth. I was hoping she’d swallow, but she did one better. As I released, she moved her mouth, and my kids ended up all over her face, and she just licked it off. 

My mouth hung at that point. Though I finished, I had more in me. And she knew it. Her eyes seemed to turn a dark gray now. The softness had disappeared. I could see she was thirsty for it. The water was already running; I just had to give it to her. With my pants around my ankles, I stepped out of them as I stood up. I yanked the towel from her body. I didn’t have any words. All I knew was that I wanted it all. Every part. 

I stuck my hand deep into those curls of hers and pulled her head back, exposing her neck. I went in for it, kissing it and sucking, not too hard, but enough to cause her to moan from her soul. I lay her down on the couch and brought my kisses to her breasts, but I didn’t give them too much attention. My goal was lower. I wanted to taste her. Kissing her stomach and tracing my tongue down her, I got to her sensitive spot, and she arched. She pushed her pelvis up toward my mouth. I added a little pressure to my movements, circling her clit. She loved it. I could feel her getting wetter. 

I teased her a bit, stopping and starting. When she’d had enough of the games, she pulled her fingers through my hair, bringing me closer to her. As I was working my tongue, I stuck my first and second finger inside of her. She let out a heavy breath and moans. With my fingers moving in and out, and the circling motion of my tongue, she finished easily. It was such a powerful orgasm. It lasted for a long moment. So I took advantage.

I watched her beautiful body quiver for a second before I inserted my rigid pipe. Moving slowly at first to make sure I got in with no harm, I could feel her tighten around me. I was still under this influence, and everything felt sensational. I could feel every little thing that was happening. Each touch had me wanting more. Each thrust had me wanting to go deeper. I was in my own world. The only thing keeping me on this plane was her screams for more. With her on her back and me holding her legs across my chest, I could see all of her facial expressions and body jolts. She had a nice pair of, what looked to be, C’s.

She told me she might cum again, so I switched positions. I turned her over and laid her on her stomach. Bottom-up, face down. As much as I loved looking into those eyes, I had been waiting to get a good view of this here peach. I couldn’t wait to bury myself in her stomach this way, as her ass slammed against me. I grabbed her hands and placed both behind her back. I held on to them as I went beast mode. I couldn’t hold back anymore. With both of us panting, moaning, and her asking for more, while I provided the more, I was sure the neighbors were enjoying the new music. I was almost at the point of ecstasy once again. With a few more deep thrusts, my hot liquid escaped me and fell deep into this woman. I collapsed on top of her, worn out. We just lay there for a moment.

“Better than I remember, Tyrone.” As I caught the sound of my name, I didn’t recall ever telling her. As much as we talked before getting to this moment, we never introduced ourselves properly. 

The high started wearing off ASAP. Now I was thrown back. How did she know me? When? How? What? I was so confused. I propped myself up on one arm, looking at her, as she still lay on her side, staring off. “How do you know my name?”

“I’ve known you for years. Before you and your little girlfriend. I was the one years ago that you didn’t give a chance, not a second glance to. Until my accident.”

“Fuck!” I blurted as I realized I still had a girlfriend. “I need to leave.” I was scrambling to get my things. I was too caught in the moment. I was going to hell for this. I knew it. Should I tell her? Would it matter? Oh man, I fucked up.

While in a panic, I could see the look of hurt in her eyes. The soft gray had returned, and she looked on the verge of tears. I felt horrible, but she was a random girl compared to my girlfriend. I just needed to leave and forget about this. But what did she say about an accident? Never mind, never mind, I just needed to go.

“I am so sorry, but I need to go.”

And as I finally get myself out her door and down the hall, as the elevator door is closing, I heard, “You better hope I’m not pregnant, you bastard. I’m not on birth control, and you came deep inside of this.” She pointed to her belly, and the doors shut.

Link: Betrayed & Scorned: Lambright, Dominique: 9781096122302: Amazon.com: Books

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