Anthologies of the Day featuring Author Noreen Henry

No Author Left Behind: Secrets Publishers Don’t Want You To Know

This book is for aspiring, beginner, and/or professional self-publishing authors who are looking for innovative ways to increase book sales and avoid making mistakes throughout the process.

Assuming that the reader doesn’t know much about the opportunities in the self-publishing arena, we will translate our experience to where this intel will put you in the best position to win in the reader’s pursuit of publishing their first book.


Thriving Entrepreneur Anthology

In this short read, Kathy Kidd shares another group of amazing people as they share their stories about what it means to them to live as a thriving entrepreneur. Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is hard. As Jennifer Kem says in the forward, “Entrepreneur is the most courageous choice someone can make. It requires grit and grace, heart and hustle, and testing and failing and succeeding. Most of all, it requires resilience and living intentionally every day. Easier said than done? Yes. Worth it? YES.”


Arise Apostolic Women on the Front Lines Anthology

HER NAME IS JUNIA. SHE WAS AN APOSTLE. And Paul the Apostle calls her outstanding among the apostles in Romans 16:7. But a centuries-old dark conspiracy changed her name to Junias – a man’s name. She was meant to be hidden forever, buried under the deceptive lies forged by religious misogynists that would seek to eradicate her memory from the pages of Holy Scripture and early church history. But recent “truth seekers” among highly-respected academics and theologians over the past 20 or more years have resurrected her from the ashes of this deception to shine the light on the reputation of this incredible woman of God – Junia the Apostle. Junia Arise: Apostolic Women on the Frontlines is an anthology of 48 writers who have collaborated together with Apostle Axel Sippach to contribute a chapter each, highlighting an amazing woman in Scripture or church history that did tremendous things for God’s Kingdom in spite of challenges, including the challenge of being a woman called, chosen, and anointed of God. This book will inspire, empower, and motivate you to be and do all God has called you to. Many of you may have felt hidden, buried, and forgotten like Junia, but God is raising you up and taking you from a place of obscurity to a place where you arise and shine because now your light has come.


Speak to the Mountains! The Anthology

Every believer has been called to make a Kingdom impact by effecting change and transformation on at least one of the seven mountains of societal influence. These seven mountains have been identified as religion, family, education, government, business/finance, media/communications, and arts and entertainment.

Speaking to mountains is your birthright as sons of God. This book, Speak To The Mountains!, is an anthology with over 30 writers contributing a subchapter each, covering a certain aspect of one of the seven mountains of influence along with mountain-moving prayers and declarations. You will be empowered and inspired to master your mountain for the advancement of the Kingdom of God!


Girl, Get Up and Win: 40 Women Share Stories of Overcoming Personal Challenges

In Girl, Get Up and Win, 40 women—including one husband and wife team—share personal stories of enduring and overcoming challenges, such as depression, marital issues, grief, brokenness, domestic abuse, daddy issues, illness, and rejection. Through the transparent, real, and very relatable stories presented in this collaborative work, all women can be encouraged to know that if they are going through life-altering situations they, too, can get up from their challenges and win in life!


The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Adversity To Manifest Your Vision

The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Adversity to Manifest Your Vision is a collaborative book project featuring entrepreneurs who are ready to share their stories with the world. The 10 trailblazing co-authors in this collaborative project presented by Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur, Shanna A. Jefferson, are entrepreneurs from various walks of life who have experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Each co-author shares his or her journey including the struggles as well as the lessons learned that have propelled them forward. If you are an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur, then this book is for you as you transcend adversity to achieve greatness.


I AM The VOICE: Advocacy for the VOICELESS

A collection of stories of overcoming relationship challenges and shifting of the mindset.
The POWERFUL collaboration has encouraged many others to use their VOICE to create social awareness and CHANGE.
Every author has brought forth their individual experiences and the sound of their VOICE to speak up for the VOICELESS.


The Evolution Effect: Stories of Breaking Patterns, Overcoming Adversities, and Stepping into Greatness

The Evolution Effect is a compilation of 20 individuals who have taken a risk and a leap of faith in themselves. These stories focused on depression, domestic violence, divorce, mental and physical health challenges, sexual assault, childhood traumas. The sole purpose was to work together to share their stories and create a powerful book to impact and inspire millions of lives. Powerful individuals who have made significant contributions to this book are Dr. Deena C. Brown Foreword Lovenia Barkley“ LOVE IS… KEEPSAKE MOTIVATION” Danielle Batiste“Depression: Can’t Hold me down” Yvonne Brown“12 Years To My Exhale” Kyle Carter“ Watering The Right Seeds: Keep Growing” Alexandria Deleon “The Wrong Road Into Right” Margaret Green“ I’m Over it and It’s Time to Put on My Big Girl Panties” Kettia Green “Knocked Down but not Knocked Out” Noreen N. Henry“ Back to Myself & Truly Owning My Life” Dr. Marguerite S. Johnson “The Breakup” Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills Comfort Zone Chaos” Jeneea Moore “Breaking the Mold” Mercy Myles-Jenkins “Hitting the Reset Button on Spiritual Abuse” Arica P.Quinn “Forgive The Little Girl, Transform The Woman” Monica D. Reed “The Journey Back to ME” John R.Solema “Solforth Beginnings” Vernae Taylor “I Once was Broken” Chenequa Terrell “Lessons in Flight” Lindsey Vertner “The Evolution Of Pain”,


Love Letters to my Girls

Love Letters to My Girls is a book by Black women for Black women and girls. Over 100 of our sisters have come together to share words of inspiration, uplift, motivation and empowerment to remind you of how beautiful, valuable, loved, worthy, brilliant, and powerful you are. Written from their experiences, these letters were birthed out of both joy and pain. The authors share their triumphs and their failures; their hopes and their fears. After reading these letters, you will know that you are needed and wanted in this world. You will be inspired to stand tall in who you are, who you were created to be. You will be energized to continue your journey, recognizing that you have an entire sisterhood cheering and fighting for your success.


15 Powerful Stories of Leaders Who Strive to be Effective Leaders After Discovering Entrepreneurship



Truth is a collection of stories from Women In Ministry Business Owners who are leaders in ministry and business. They share their trials, tribulations, challenges and how they successfully navigated through them to be successful in their field of expertise.


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