Anthologies of the Day Featuring Author Noreen Henry

The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Adversity To Manifest Your Vision

The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship: Overcoming Adversity to Manifest Your Vision is a collaborative book project featuring entrepreneurs who are ready to share their stories with the world. The 10 trailblazing co-authors in this collaborative project presented by Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur, Shanna A. Jefferson, are entrepreneurs from various walks of life who have experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Each co-author shares his or her journey including the struggles as well as the lessons learned that have propelled them forward. If you are an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur, then this book is for you as you transcend adversity to achieve greatness.


Girl, Get Up and Win: 40 Women Share Stories of Overcoming Personal Challenges

In Girl, Get Up and Win, 40 women—including one husband and wife team—share personal stories of enduring and overcoming challenges, such as depression, marital issues, grief, brokenness, domestic abuse, daddy issues, illness, and rejection. Through the transparent, real, and very relatable stories presented in this collaborative work, all women can be encouraged to know that if they are going through life-altering situations they, too, can get up from their challenges and win in life!


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