BookTalks with A Journey Toward Purpose and Promise by Dr. Brandy S. Peoples


I have a question for you. Why are some of the most attractive flowers found in the wild and rugged terrain? It seems as if these jewels of nature would be better suited as trimmings on a perfectly manicured lawn under the watchful eye of a meticulous gardener. Well, I want to share a very profound, yet simple answer to my question – process. All things created on Earth have to endure a process of development. The flower starts off as a seed, then with soil, water, and sunlight, it blossoms into God’s work of art. By no means is this an easy feat. Many flowers are sometimes destroyed by bad weather, grazing animals, and careless human beings who unknowingly and knowingly step on them. Despite these adversities, flowers still grow into what God intended them to be, and in the end, their experience in the wild pushes them toward their purpose, which is to reproduce and exemplify the beautiful glory of God. If you’re asking, this book is not about flowers. In fact, what I want to share with you goes a lot deeper than that. Flowers and human beings share one commonality and that’s purpose. That’s right, I said purpose. A flower knows its purpose, which is to grow, multiply, and serve as a display of God’s earthly glory. I also believe human beings were placed on Earth to grow, multiply, and embody God’s glory. In fact, I believe each person has a specific assignment that God has given them in order to accomplish this task. Unfortunately, some people question their existence which keeps them stuck in the “seed stages” of life, where they feel like they have a purpose but they don’t know exactly what it is. These types of people live in survival mode and on a day-to-day basis, they let the dirt overwhelm them, weeds choke them, and people trample them into the ground. When this happens, no amount of sunlight, water, or air can help, and at that point only God can revive them so they can grow into their destiny. If you’ve ever asked God why you were born, then this book is for you. Or if you know what you were destined to accomplish, but you’ve been struggling to grow dreams, that never seem to flourish, then this book is also for you. After I graduated with an advanced degree, I felt confused because I thought that my purpose was to be a psychologist, but I later on discovered that my degree was never meant to be the zenith of my life. No, it was just a tool that God used to push me through dirty circumstances so I could mature into an exquisite flower that exudes godly beauty, intelligence, character, and spirituality. And now that I’ve grown, I want to help others get past the difficulties of life so they too can reach their full potential. Scripture tells us, “As long as the earth remains, there will be planting and harvest” (Genesis 8:22; New Living Translation) which means that things will always be growing. So if you’re the soil, and your dreams are the seeds, the plants are the result of fully matured ideas that have been growing within you. These plants are your blessings, and if you want to harvest them, you have to trust God, the Master Gardener. He’s the only one who can give you godly nutrients that will help you past the muddy areas of your life. Ultimately, your purpose is to live for God, and your assignment in his kingdom will lead to wonderful opportunities that he’s specifically designed for you. If you’re ready to reap a harvest of blessings, then the time to grow is now!

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/3qqh0Qd

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