Queenie’s Writer’s Week with Author Dr. Velma Bagby

A Quick Word with Author Dr. Velma Bagby


 Christian Fiction & Nonfiction – dating & relationships, Christian living

Why did you choose to write a fiction book? 

I chose to write fiction because I enjoy it. I read a statement by another author who responded to Christians who criticize Christian fiction. She referred to Jesus & his parables/stories, where He used common everyday items to teach topics that had a deeper spiritual meaning. Since that moment, I felt free to continue writing fiction, because they are stories too.  Within my stories, readers will find deep spiritual meanings, pointing them to God’s Word.

 What message did you want to get across in your book?

 In my recent book, A Place Called Down, I want every reader to see themselves in the story & recognize that suffering is common to us all. As they follow the story, may they also overcome their suffering through faith, knowing it is God who orders the season?

 What advice would you give to an author looking to work on a fiction project? 

Take your time writing your first project, do the research on your topic, and read a book by another author in the same genre to get ideas on how to layout the story. There is an audience waiting to read your book, and you are the only one who can write.

What would be your advice for those looking to find an agent for their own work?

 I do not have any advice about this, as it is not something I have tried to pursue. I suggest reaching out to a seasoned author in your genre and seeking their advice. I also learned a lot about this process through the Christian Book Lovers Retreat. Connect with them to learn more.

 Any top tips you would like to share with other writers starting out?

1. Relationships are important for your journey – whether it is a seasoned author providing you guidance, or a group offering insight along the way.  Connect with other Authors and join FB groups in your genre – there is so much to learn. I found my editor this way.

2. Let your work breathe at times and use that time to build your knowledge. Read how-to books. This really helped me in the beginning to understand the world of writing.

a. Some of my favorites eBooks are Sep-by-Step Author Website Guide, by Tyora Moody, Books by Rob Eagar–Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget, Marketing Books on Amazon, Book Hooks for Authors, Mark Dawson–Writing a Page-Turner

b. My favorite Book: Think Like a Business by Joylynn M. Ross

What’s your favorite fiction book?

I have several fiction books I enjoyed, so I’ll pick one I recently read. It is Barren Womb by Denise Walker. I enjoyed the topic because the subject matter is similar to what I address in my Place Called Down book–suffering and difficulties common to us all.

A final parting word of advice?

Take your time and grow in your understanding along the way.

Blurb about the book

We can come to believe that our walk with God will only be filled with mountaintop experiences, but Dr. Velma Bagby comes to remind us that in fact, God can also order for us A Place Called Down. In her new book, Dr. Velma brings us into her own testimony of tests, trials, and tribulations, to offer insight into a place of suffering. It is not always the workings of evil, sometimes, God allows it because He is maturing us. 

A place called down, by its very nature can be likened to a refiner’s fire. A fire so hot that it burns away what God cannot use. Such a place of suffering can feel – Isolating. Difficult. Unyielding. Lonely. Yet, while in this place there are what Dr. Velma calls rainbow moments where God reminds you of what you already know—He is with you and He has not forgotten you. 

Decide now that you will leave this season of suffering with gifts that only this place can give – maturity, faith, strength, joy.

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