Book Spotlight Saving Tate Michaels by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Saving Tate Michaels is the third and last book in the Isaac Hunt series. When Moody Publishers chose not to pick up the third book in the series, I ended up self-publishing the manuscript. This was my first indie book.

Tate Michaels first appeared in Making Isaac Hunt as Isaac’s best friend. But they had a falling out after Isaac ‘found his roots’ and pushed each other away. During their separation, Tate flounders. He gets himself wrapped up in big trouble. Bad guys come after him and his family. Who will save Tate from this tangled mess he’s in? God and his best friend Isaac, of course.

I loved writing the scene in the woods when he thinks he’s trying to find his kidnapped family. He was really trying to find his way back to God.

This story has so many layers about race and racism in America, but also about loving your family, no matter how your family came together. Adoption plays a big part in this book too.

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/3kw5scR

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