Book Spotlight – Cooking School by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Cooking School is the third book in Newland Road Romance Novella series. This story is set in August 1976 during one of the biggest hurricanes of the year for the East Coast. The main character is Leslie Raye Lawrence, Tina and Paula’s long-lost baby sister from New York City.

Leslie Raye thinks she can come to town to trick all the country bumpkins out of their money and slip out of town without being noticed. When she meets handsome country boy Johnny Ellington, she has second thoughts. What if she stayed in this little backwater town instead of following her dreams to Hollywood? Trouble follows her from the Big Apple. She learns valuable lessons about love and family when her sisters and Johnny rescue her.

My favorite scene was the scene of Johnny and Leslie, making love with their eyes in the rain. I’ll leave it at that. And I also enjoyed the scene in which Leslie learns to cook an egg and then cooks for Johnny.

I want people to take away the truth that God loves us because He made us not because we loved him first. He has plans for our life and those plans have a promise and they are for our good. God loves all people, even broken people.

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/2ZYGklx

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