Author Spotlight – Dominique Lambright

How long have you been writing?

Really writing, middle school when I wrote a full story in 3 of those 5 subject notebooks lol. I didn’t know how to end it so I tossed it haha.

What motivated you to write?

I’ve just always loved words since I learned how to write. And as an avid reader, I wanted to have the impact that the books I read had on me to have on others. I wanted to put words together elegantly, or maybe not so elegantly based on the genre. It excited me.

What is your preferred genre?


How many books do you have published?


What are you currently working on?

A romance 😍

Where can readers find your books?

Amazon or directly from me for signed paperbacks 9n my website Dominiquelambright.com

Which authors inspire you to write?

Ellen Hopkins and Edgar Allan Poe when I wrote a lot of poetry. As a writer writing full on novels, I’d have to say that I don’t have a specific author. I’d say more genre inspires me. Scifi is my favorite and when I read a good scifi novel that inspires me to try my hand at writing one. Not necessarily that author.

What are your future works in progress?

Love Yourself First, Confessions of a Psychopath, and Thought I Was Gone.

What inspired you to become an author?

All the books that I read. I’ve always had a passion for words. To know that I could have people reading my work and enjoying the stories or being able to relate, or have it be inspiring to them.

Who has the greatest influence on your writing style?

I don’t think I would have an answer for that lol. I don’t think anyone does.

Tell us about your writing style?

Because I am an editor, I like for my writing to sound grammatically correct lol but I think my style is sexy but also kind of dark. There’s still work to be done in figuring out my style completely, though.

What is your greatest challenge as an author?

Not editing as I write.

Tell us something that people may not know about you they might find interesting.

I don’t know how interesting it is, but if I do something it is always very well thought about and planned out. Ive been told that I always have a plan D in case A, B, or C don’t work out lol.

Is there anything you would like for readers to know?

That I write for myself, hoping that people enjoy the crazy things that come to my mind. There is a huge thing where people say authors should write for their audience. I think it should be the other way around. Write for yourself and the rest should fall into place. I feel like when you’re too worried about what people want you to write vs what you want to write, you may lose the passion you initially had for it.

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