Book Spotlight – Walking Music by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Walking Music is the second book in Newland Road Romance Novella series. The story is also set in the 1970s. At the center is a single mother, Tina Raye Lawrence (Paula’s older sister) and recently unemployed music man Chas Warren.

Tina Raye and Chas do not get along at first. Their mutual connection is music. Tina Raye is deeply rooted in sacred music since she’s sung in the church all her adult life. Chas’s music history is more worldly, but Tina Raye’s lyrical styling of old hymns touches a spiritual side of him that he’s long neglected.

My favorite scene is the scene where Tina is literally crying out to God in brokenness. Her ‘prayer language’ is singing to the Lord. Chas witnesses that, and it turns his heart toward the woman he had vowed to despise. Beneath the surface there is also a physical attraction.

I want my readers to get a message of hope and healing from this story. Your current circumstances do not have to define your future. You may be down, scraping bottom, but God is only a breath away. If you can’t utter a prayer, cry out to Him in song. It just might be your song of deliverance.

Purchase link: https://amzn.to/2O4aH7r

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