Series of the Week – Southern Christmas Lights Novella by Linda Leigh Hargrove

Santa Secret
During the most wonderful time of the year, Chelsea Parker is struggling to find some Christmas spirit. Mistletoe and ‘Ho Ho Ho’ remind her of the man who left her at the altar two years earlier.

Can charming and successful Marc Waterman, the town’s newest businessman, help Chelsea heal from past hurts and find a way to love again? Or does he have too many secrets himself?

Letters from Santa

Christmas is hard to endure when you’ve lost a loved one. Monica Ferguson knows this first hand, having lost her mother to cancer at the age of 2. The rich debutante has hidden her pain for years behind a perky smile, sacrificial charity work, and a fierce work ethic. Until a family secret derails her life in the middle of planning the biggest community fundraising banquet of the year.

Monica’s old high school friend, Chelsea Parker, convinces her that the talented and mysterious chef Ciro Fields is the answer to their prayers. But can the handsome black man with ‘a thing for letters’ also be the medicine for Monica’s broken heart?

The Wish List
Sharing family time during the holidays is everything to Frederica “Freddie” Martinez. But when her family stands in the way of her dream of starting a tiny home business, she retreats in anger to idyllic Wake City to stay with her friend Chelsea Parker.

Will a chance encounter with Zeus de Sousa, the young man who kissed her on the night of her quinceañera, renew her faith in family and reconnect her with her dreams? Fourteen years ago, he was short and chubby. But now, he’s rich, famous, and abso-freakin-lutely hot. Everything she could wish for in a husband… if she was keeping a husband wish list, that is.

Linda Leigh Hargrove blends suspense, humor, and faith into compelling stories about race and class in America. Linda has taught workshops on fiction writing to adults and teens. To further help would-be writers realize their dreams of publication, she launched TheFaithToWrite.com and created a quick reference guide for independent writers.

She is a native of Washington County, North Carolina, a farm-rich coastal region. And currently resides near Charlotte with her husband and three sons, where she works as an environmental engineer. Connect with Linda on your favorite social media platforms.

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