Bella Blood and the Vampire Ball by Kit Parker Book Review

Bella Blood is the daughter of high society vampires.
Her mother: Lady Gailavira – a fashion influencer on Instragrime and Screamtube.
Her father: Lord Frank – once a famous horror writer but gave that up to design and oversee his own hotel for vampires.
Neither has much time for their daughter and they decide to hire a governess, a witch called Agatha. Agatha seems like the perfect friend; she takes Bella to the Pumpkin Nursery and the Mummy Hospital and Bella comes to love her deeply.

That is until Agatha’s true intentions are revealed on the night of the Vampire Ball…

Queenie’s Review

This was a great and interesting story. The story had a funny overtone to it. The author bought the story into a modern-day feel to it. The characters were vampires, mummies, and bats but in real life form. This would make a great Halloween story. The moral of the story is parents need to take care and look out for their children. Spend time with their children before they get older and leave the nest. Your lifestyle or job should not come before your children. This book is very entertaining for middle grade and high school. I was given this has an ARC and the grammar errors were many. I give it a 3 star rating. The storyline was intriguing but couldn’t get past the grammatical errors.

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