Author Spotlight – Felicia S Cauley

Author Bio
Felicia Cauley is the mother of four adult children and six children. She resides in Ohio with her loving husband, Robert. Felicia has a BA in English and is pursuing her Master’s in Health Administration. She shares her experience by mentoring other authors. Felicia is the founder of Right Side Publishing establishment in 2015. Felicia Cauley has a book called Order in the house written under the name Felice, Think On these Things A word for you Today written under Felicia S. Cauley, To Be Share Don’t waste the gift that God has Given you, written under Felicia S. Cauley, To be Share Don’t Waste the gift that God has Given You vol 2 illustrated version, written under.

 How long have you been writing?

As long as I can remember, I wrote my poem about Martin Luther King at the age of ten and won first place in school and at a church convention.

 What motivated you to start writing?

Experiences, mines and others.

 What is your preferred genre?

Poetry and books on family.

 How many books do you have published?


 What are you currently working on?

Two children’s books, a romance book, and a word for today’s book.

 Where can readers find your books?

Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and global through google search.

 Which authors inspire you to write?

Maya Angelou

 What are your future works in progress?

Comics, Romance and mystery nobles.

 Who has the greatest influence on your writing style?

My Mother was also a writer. I believe it is just in my blood, writing is natural to me. There is always a thought. I Never have writer’s block, but times where I am too lazy to write.

 Tell us about your writing style?

My writing is inspirational, I write as it comes to me.

 What is your greatest challenge as an author?

Sticking to one project at a time.

 Tell us something that people may not know about you that they might find interesting.

I am a Jake of all trades. I can draw; I would say I like to draw cartoon animation to be correct.

 Is there anything you would like for readers to know?

I am a very diverse writer flowing in all Genre except thriller and exotic.

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