Book Spotlight – Paradise and the Pandemic by Anthony S

1) Five words that best describe “Paradise and the Pandemic”: Fun, Entertaining, Educational, Moral, and Inspiring.

2) Can I share one highlight of the book?
The highlight I chose is when the character Paradise has dialog with her mom, as she explains things that children would not normally understand. Ex: “Mom what’s a pandemic?” Paradise asks. Her mom explains in detail what a pandemic really is.

3) What is the purpose of the book?
The character was created to help teachers, educators, and parents explain our new way of life as we know it. The character helps makes things easier for children to understand in a fun way.

4) Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work? A common thread?
Not really, just sending a message to little ones who are confused about morals teaching them how and when to apply them.

5) Which character or part of the book was most fun to write? Which part was the hardest?
All of the book was fun to write and none of it was difficult, I enjoyed every moment.

6) Can you tell us something that even you’re most loyal fans may not know about you? I love to cook, travel, and fish and obviously write.

7) Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Yes, I am writing a series of “Paradise” children’s books. I have the book animation of “Paradise and the Pandemic” available for purchase. Go to http://www.booksbyanthonyS.com I also, have several adult books that are published and many more in the archives just waiting for you to indulge in; all is original content. Stay tuned! Also, I would like readers to get to know the author. Go to http://www.bboksbyanthonyS.com (I am honored to say that “Paradise and the Pandemic” has been accepted in the State of Oklahoma’s School District.)

Author’s Bio: Anthony S is an aspiring author who prides himself with details so that the reader understands the narrative of the story being told. He has compelling stories of different genres: Children’s books, Urban Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama. Reaching out to the world, inspiring hope, empowerment, encouragement and inspiration is what Anthony does. He has been led by God to give him the tools and insight to carry out the mission. I am Author Anthony S.

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