New Release – Mind F*cked: Seduction of Mouth To Brain by Dominique Lambright

Title of the book- Mind Fucked: Seduction of Mouth To Brain
Release date: 2/14/21

Tell us about your latest book.

It is a book about being able to capture the essence of erotic behaviors and attitudes and making them more pleasurable through visuals and words than physically pleasuring.

Tell us about the journey that led to you writing this book.

 I wouldn’t say there was a particular journey to this book. I knew what audience I wanted to hit and wrote to them. I also had a few poems left unpublished and wanted to get them out so they were the foundation of the book initially.

Tell us about one of the people at the center of this book, and what makes them interesting.

Since it is a compilation of short stories, there are no specific centered characters. There will be different characters per story ^_^

Why does this book (or this subject) matter to you? Why was it worth spending a year (or five, etc?) of your life on it? 

It matters to me one, because I am young and sex is a lot more important than people think in relationships. It can be the foundation of many relationships, whether good or bad. It is more about the physical but the intimacy that we reached through it. 80% of the time sex is the icebreaker to getting to know someone better. How many times do we just lay there and talk with the person we have had sex with about so many things. Things we wouldn’t tell just anyone. But because you have just had this moment, they have seen you naked literally; it becomes easier to let them see you naked from the inside. The second reason it is important to me is that I am a mother and a lot of the time people assume mothers have to, or should, act a certain way about sex. Not true. I can be a mother and still enjoy getting physical on a regular basis. I can still be a great mother and still be sexy and be proud of that. 

What do you love about this book? What makes this book special to you? Is there a part that makes you cry? Makes you laugh? Is there a part you’re secretly most proud of? What is it?

I think I am just proud of the level my writing has reached now. I can say that my storytelling has evolved in the way that I write and talk about my writing. 

Describe the reader who ought to know about this title. 

Any reader who loves a great erotica lol. You can be young (18+) or old. 

What do you hope this book can impart to its readers?

 I hope to encourage people to love how they live and not be ashamed at what they do behind closed doors. I think it should always be fun and enjoyable. These short stories are crazy, funny, and erotic. 

What is next for you?

Writing a romance, psychological thriller, and paranormal fiction all this year haha

Do you have anything you would like to add?

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