God Has a Paintbrush Book Review

Jayden and Mason often wonder about all of the beautiful creations they see. Grandmother snuggles in close with the boys to tell them about God’s wonderful creations. This story is written in rhyme for a child’s imaginative mind. It encourages them to enjoy the wonders they see every day. God Has a Paintbrush takes inquisitive children through a journey of discovery of the beauty in the colors all around them and expounds on the love that God has for all of his creation.

Queenie’s Review

I love the cover of this book. It is a very vibrant and detailed picture book. The cover made me want to sit down and read it. This is a great read for grandparents to bond over and we read with her grandchildren. I enjoy the rhyming words that will please the younger children. This book is about how God created and very colorful, detailed, and vivid Earth. We all see the colors of the rainbow. A splash of color everywhere to make the world beautiful. I like how the author has an activity in the back of the book. I give this book a five-star.

About Joyce Licorish
Joyce Licorish is the youngest of 7 daughters and mother of 2 beautiful daughters and 1 rambunctious son. She recently married film actor Jerome Davis. She was born and raised in the inner-city of Indianapolis, where she was bussed to a primarily white school and saw early on the effects of discrimination and racism.

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