Gemini by Dante Jones Book Review

Born under the ruling planet Mercury and with multiracial roots of Jamaican and Greek, Gemini Michel’s beauty and anger issues brought trouble into her early life and created a chip on her shoulder. Fortunate to find refuge from the world in her loving father and comfortable middle-class Georgetown neighborhood in Washington, D.C., Gemini used her chip to fuel her successful basketball career and to become a martial arts phenomenon. However, upon her father’s tragic and unexpected death and being uprooted from her comfortable lifestyle, an angry Gemini finds herself on a path that leads from one destructive relationship to the next in a quest to find the unwavering love she had from her father. Through strength, family, her friends, love, loss and tragedy she will find out who she truly is, and that love isn’t always what it seems. She will also learn that some bonds will never break, and that true love comes with faith and salvation.

Queenie’s Review

This story was good. I really enjoyed the story about the main character. Gemini. Gemini was off the chain. Each chapter represents a different man in her life. Gemini had it going on with being very smart, beautiful, CEO of her own company, her own place, her own car, and no kids, but no sense at all about her choice of men. OMGosh! I was wondering why didn’t her sisters, cousins, or her friends didn’t tell Gemini about herself. Yes, I know she got hand skills. It was never a dull moment with Gemini. This story had me have a lot of drama and twists and turns. The author had me in my feelings throughout the book.
The first page grabbed my attention from the start. I had to brace myself when reading because Gemini kept kicking me off. I could only take her every 20 pages at a time. But at other times I wanted to see how feisty she was going to be. I thought I knew how the story was going to go but it was very unpredictable. I was intrigued by the story because I normally don’t read urban fiction. But like I said earlier, I really enjoyed the story. The setting was well-developed also.
The writing style of the author was clear and precise. I can understand what was going on in the story, who was talking in the story, and what the author was trying to convey about Gemini. Gemini was trying to find her purpose in life and was taking second, third, and fourth chances.
The dialogue was very natural to me. I love the dialogue between Gemini, her sisters, cousins, and friends. Every time they got together I was laughing out loud. I like how the author showed how “real” the characters were in the story. I was able to visualize what was going on in the story.
The pacing in the story went smoothly. It did not drag out even though I thought it would be when I picked up this huge book. There was no dull moment in the book. A lot of drama throughout the book. I was not bored or disappointed with the flow of the story.
Character development was on point. The characters all have great personalities. I could relate to the characters. The characters are likable, human, and also relatable. I can feel how some of the characters felt. The characters were intriguing, handsome, beautiful, and very interesting. I love how the characters had chemistry in and a relationship with each other. One thing I notice that Taylor loved her boobs and Gemini loved her hair and shoes. Some of the romance scenes did make me cringe and very uncomfortable but I pulled through. I didn’t like the journey Gemini took. I could feel the excitement and the pain of all the characters. All the characters were intertwined with each other. They held each other back just like family.
I recommend this to avid book readers who love urban fiction. I give this book five stars.

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