Book Spotlight- Full Figured 5: Carl Weber Presents by Rose Jackson-Beavers

Hot Chocolate:
When Malika Williamson hired Travis Ingram, she never imagined that he’d be doing a lot more than just maintaining the company’s computer system. Not only has he ignited a fire in Malika’s heart, but his mere presence causes backstabbing, confusion, and sexual tension at the office.  Malika finds herself transformed from upstanding and happily married to an oversexed, overheated adulteress. Will this full-figured beauty be able to control the passion that threatens to destroy everything she’s worked so hard to achiev

Who Ya Wit!
When Desa Rae Jenkins ended her tumultuous relationship with Roc, it seemed like the appropriate thing to do; but now she’s second-guessing her decision. Roc moved away to Kansas City, leaving street life back in St. Louis up to the brothas who can handle it. He continues to live his life on the edge, though, and when he returns to St. Louis, Desa Rae shows up at his doorstep to reconcile. Roc is reluctant to go there with the one woman who ripped his heart from his chest. He’s determined not to let Desa Rae wiggle her way back in, but this full-sized diva is a heavy-hitter who won’t give up without putting up a good fight. Win or lose, she refuses to back down, but with Roc’s baby mama still in the way, there can be only one winner. 

Which five words best describe Hot Chocolate? Interesting, fantasy, Sexy, Erotic, Edgy,

Can you share one highlight from the book?
Malika hired a new computer company to serve her computers at her business, but she became lost in her focus at work and home when she started having feelings for him.

What is the purpose of this book?
There are two full stories in this book. I had the pleasure of working with Brenda Hampton, one of the top African American authors. Not only is she a successful author, but a businesswoman and an agent. We both wrote about full-figured women and that they are attractive, desired, and want love too.
In my story, Hot Chocolate, I wanted to show that emotional infidelity is worst than physical. You can get caught up mentally, and that is a significant problem. Emotional cheating is so damaging even if no sex is involved. The mind is involved and can have you feeling betrayed, hurt, both emotionally and physically. It’s harder to have the mind all messed up in a relationship.

Are there themes that you find turn up again and again in your work?
Again, trauma and behavioral health issues are involved.

Which character or part of the book was the most fun to write?
Malika was interesting. In the presence of others, she was self-assured, confident, and loved her husband. Then she started spending all this work time with her hired worker, and the dynamics started.

Can you tell us something that even your most loyal fans may not know about you?
I am incredibly creative. I love to do so many things. I also crochet hats and scarves. I donate them when I have enough o drop off. I also crochet blankets for babies.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Try a new author this year; hopefully, it’s me.

Author’s Bio

Her motto is when all else fails, do it yourself. But if failure appears to be imminent, don’t invite it in, cancel the invitation and schedule your own success.

A highly sought out public speaker and workshop presenter, Rose Jackson-Beavers represents new women that can and will do whatever it takes to inspire, encourage and to train up our teens as well as anyone who is willing to improve their lives through education and self-help. With more than 20 years of experience as a director and trainer, and ten years as a published writer, Ms. Beavers has presented at several major conferences, education institutions and trade programs. She is also owner of Prioritybooks Publications. Prioritybooks is a publishing company that helps authors achieve their dreams of becoming published. She has written for several publications including the Spanish Lake Work Newspaper, North County Journal and the East St. Louis Monitor. She also served as a columnist for AMAgazine. She has completed six books through her publishing company; two which she co-authored with Edward Booker, “A Hole in My Heart”, and Caught in the Net of Deception. She has also written and published, “Backroom Confessions, and Sumthin’ T’Say as well as co-authored Quilt Designs and Poetry Rhymes with world renown fabric artist, Edna Patterson-Petty.

Dubious experiences with local publishers motivated her to start her own company. As a result of having bad experiences and fearful of rejection, she decided to become her own publisher so that she would have the flexibility to publish what and when she wanted. As a result of taking on the task of publishing her own work she has gained valuable experience. With 6 books in print, she looks forward to writing more stories that will captivate and educate others about topics that are painful yet easy to overcome when the victim learns the skills necessary to pull up their own boot strings and tie them up and take big steps forward.

She hopes her words will inspire change, elicit courage, and show young and old people that you don’t have to wait on others to accept you, when you accept yourself everything else will fall into place.

Mrs. Beavers received her Bachelor and Master degrees from Illinois State and Southern Illinois Universities. She spends her time working in church and volunteering her time to local organizations throughout her community.

Rose Jackson-Beavers is married to Cedric Beavers and they have one daughter, Adeesha.

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