A Father Figure by Tronell Blackbutterfly Walker

A Father Figure
What is a father figure
Do we go by society or do we lean on the great
one’s before us
The loyalty the unity through blood, sweat and
Fathers go days without seeing their seeds
Not affected by not hearing their voice
Mothers quiet saying I’m strong, we do not need
the head of our home
No time aside for intellectual guidance
The father figure is drowning in self pity and lack of confidence
Beat down by society generational curses and add on to the major injustice the strong queens who
Manipulate and add to the turmoil
The figures are broken and torn unable to recognize their own
Blood shed through the years if their lives
Our ancestors were onto something praying and holding to one another
They watched their loved ones sold in front of their eyes
Healing from wounds praying to God just to stay alive
Fathers crying and begging for their families
One day they awake and they are gone
Sold to the highest bidders family
That knowledge that pain
Caused them to cherish their loved ones
Death is not enough today to bring us any closer to the love of our ancestors had a fear of losing anyway
Father figures are in the dark
Clubbing, having intimate encounters with anyone they meet
Habits they can not break
Pain they hold onto along with secrets that can destroy their fate
So busy focused on the demons they create with their children the same fate
Queens have a duty to help their family flourish
Kicking them out and cursing them to no end
Stirring up the demons giving them a place an opening walking right on in
Society has become the teacher
Do not be submissive don’t listen to them we are your leader
The bible as it did many centuries before even with all the alterations they want us to hold on to
Please do not ignore
It is our source of power a learning tool to maintain our foundation
To protect our culture to protect our creations
Our job is to be that light beaming through on a dark world
Shining through canceling every plan visible or not seen by anyone
Speaking strong and boldly
Un afraid to speak the truth that guides our family to the highest peaks
We are meant to be under the superiority
Uneducated, angry, obese and needy
No need for public humiliation or killing us openly
They make us do it ourselves
Hands are clean and no rising above against the dark forces
Society has caused something else that anger they installed would band us together
Father figures need to rise up
Our families are divided
Making the woman strong and our men weak
Giving them what they need to make their mission complete
We are great right where we stand
This is not unknown are pain our melanin
Our voice to command
Take back your greatness
Put down your deadly nature
Our future is in the youth
What is a Father figure
Look back in time
Don’t run away from God or his knowledge
Go back to your roots
And you shall find
A legacy of power and strength
What they alter and try to hide
Our figures are not feminine
They are not delicate creatures
Lions and lionesses
A time more precious than any
Father figures are precious we need them if they are lost its up to queens to ignite the fire and show them the way

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