The Book That Changed Lauretta Black-Pierce’s Life

I am an avid reader. I once read two or three romance novels per week, but I am currently reading non-fiction books that have to do with different cultures and their religions. My interest is and has always been to understand where we came from and what our purposes are in life.

I have attend various bible studies from different religions and have always received the same answer when I asked, “Who was God talking to when he said let US make man in our own image.” (Genesis: 1:26) I have found that when people do not know the answer they resort to: It’s a mystery; or It’s the trinity, he is talking to himself (the father, son, and holy spirit)… I decided to find the answers on my own by doing research, and I sure have found a lot that I wasn’t expecting.

What book changed your life?

Understanding the Bible: by Stephen L. Harris. This book has intensified my life tremendously.

How did this book impact your life?

This book has impacted my life in furthering my researching and understanding.

What lesson did you take from this book?

I have learned a lot of lessons from this book. I will name a few:
The origin of the Bible
The differences between Monotheism and Polytheism
That the Old Testaments were written for the Hebrews and the New Testaments were written for the Greeks. (The Septuagint (LXX))
The Torah
Too much to list

How can people get in touch with you?

If you are interested in discussing

Different religions
Galactic Civilizations
The Geologic Timeline
The Genealogy from Adam through Noah’s descendants
Constellations, galaxies, star systems, celestial beings…

I can be reached via Facebook. Lauretta Black-Pierce

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