Book Spotlight – Are you Free Enough?2 – Verona Willis-Brown

Five words to describe my book.

  1. sensual
  2. romantic
  3. inspirational
  4. empowering
  5. Reality

One highlight from my book is the main character, Michelle found and received love even though she doesn’t believe she deserve it.

The purpose of my book is to empower those especially us ladies who believe we are trapped in situation and having difficulties being free from it. We are a force full of powerful potentials when we knit together.

A common thread in my writing is the reality of how free we are not and the power of love.

The most fun part is where Michelle tell it all (Good Girl vibration). I don’t think anything was hard for me however, I had a little struggle: Creating a scene for her new boyfriend and keeping up his character because I wanted him for myself (lol)

What people don’t know about me…shhhhhh I am very shy.

I would like my readers to know many things can define their freedom, but first you must start within yourself.
I am not the main character, just the author.
I am just a simple lady with a creative mind that gets inspired by everyone and anyone.
and finally I would like my readers to know they can be just as free enough, because it is about having peace of mind and happiness.

About the Author:

Verona Willis-Brown, a native of St. Andrew, Jamaica, now lives in Yonkers, New York. A single mother of one beautiful daughter Davina Bradley and the founder of NOT YOUR COMPETITION: A Youth

Empowerment program (Jamaica). She has earned her speaking certificate from the Les Brown Institution and a degree in Psychology from The College of New York. In this milestone all my work honors my parents (SIP) Merlita and Hubert Willis.

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/are-you-free-Enough-2/dp/B08M8DBP9Z

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