The Book That Changed Liselle Power’s Life

My name is Liselle Powder I am 49 years of age. I am originally from Trinidad and the last of six siblings. My mother’s name is Edwina Warner, she’s deceased and my father’s name is Bindley Powder. I migrated to the States in 2014 with my two daughters.

The book that changed my life is One World Many Cultures. 
This book impacted my life because, it featured authors that been through situations of despair and how they overcame their predicament. 
The lesson I took from this book is to never give up despite of the challenges, persevere in the midst of it all, and believe that you can make it.
They can get in touch with me through my email: powderliselle@hotmail.com, IG: powderroom49 and FB Liselle Powder

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