Author Spotlight – Whitney D. Grandison

Author Bio: Whitney D. Grandison is dedicated to telling stories about teens of color and teens in difficult but relatable situations. Some of her works can be found on Wattpad, one of the largest online story sharing platforms, where she has acquired over thirty thousand followers and an audience of over fifteen million dedicated readers. Outside of writing, she is a lover of Korean dramas, all things John Hughes, and horror films. Whitney currently lives in Akron, Ohio. She is the author of A Love Hate Thing.

1) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was about eight years old when my second grade teacher championed the little stories I’d fill notebooks with.

2) What motivated you to start writing?

When my second grade teacher really liked my work. I remember our class competing in a spelling bee with other classes and I was runner up, and when we got back to our room she went into her cupboard and grabbed a brand new red notebook and rewarded me for making it so far. She told me I was a good writer and to fill the notebook with stories. That moment really changed my life.

3) What is your preferred genre?

My favorite genre to write is contemporary romance.

4) How many books do you have published?

My debut A Love Hate Thing came out on January 7, 2020. My sophomore novel The Right Side of Reckless will be here July 13, 2021.

5) What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a few projects, one being the fourth book of my upcoming Arlington High series, which is The Right Side of Reckless.

6) Where can readers find your books?

My readers can find my books on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Books, Audiobooks, Barnes and Noble—EVERYwhere books are sold!

7) Which authors inspire you to write?

I really admire Simone Elkeles because she just has this voice that feels like the audience she’s writing for as well as the character she’s representing. I also always admired the length of Katie McGarry’s novels, it makes me feel comfortable enough to tell a full story instead of rushing to do so in 80,000 words or less.

8) What are your future works in progress?

My future WIPs are currently the follow up books to the Right Side of Reckless, stories about teens of color dealing with the pangs of growing up all as they navigate life in and out of the halls of Arlington High.

9) What inspired you to become an author?

I’ve always wanted to become an author. Seeing other books on shelves inspired me greatly, not to mention my Wattpad readers championing the idea of supporting my books as tangible hardcovers or paperbacks.

10) Who has the greatest influence on your writing style?

My biggest and greatest writing influences would be John Hughes, Mark Schwahn, Josh Schwartz and Peter Berg, they write screenplays, but I just always looked at their work and admired the worlds they created. I especially loved how John Hughes wrote his teen books.

11) Tell us about your writing style.

My writing style is young, fresh, edgy, poignant at times, often in first person, sometimes two points of views as well. Teen angst is one of my key points.

12) What is your greatest challenge as an author?

My greatest challenge as an author can be voice at times. Not all of my characters are Black-American like I am, and when you’re writing someone else’s voice, you definitely want to handle that with care and genuineness.

13) Tell us something that people may not know about you that they might find interesting.

I’m obsessed with horror movies, and some thrillers too. If I’m off from work or not writing, you can definitely find me browsing a slasher film to devour. I also have a big heart for Korean dramas as well.

14) Is there anything you would like for readers to know?

I’d like my readers to know they’re support and messages is what keeps me going and makes my day. When you connect to a character or the story, it really touches my heart and makes me feel like I got it right.

Visit Whitney’s website http://www.whitneydgrandison.com and follow her on Twitter @whitney_dg and Instagram @wheadee.

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