Book Spotlight: Love Still Walks The Earth by Eva Harley Chiphe

The five words that best describe Love Still Walks The Earth  are  love, history, magical, youth, and history.

One highlight from when Love walked the earth: An African Myth is how Isis uses love to restore Osiris’ life.

The purpose of this book is to teach the reader about this ancient African fairy tale.

Theme:  The power of love.

The fun character to write about was Isis and the hardest was Seth.

Something my most loyal fans might not know about me is that I picked cotton when I was a little girl.

I would like to share with our readers that I founded a youth club based on love. Its name is the “I Love Club”. The mission is to  help children navigate the pressures and challenges faced during their journey to adulthood and to teach children the skills needed to create a peaceful world. Some common pressures and challenges children face are alcohol, bullying drugs, gun violence, sexual activity, divorce, suicide, and poverty, to name a few amongst others.


Eva Harley Chiphe lives in Clio, South Carolina and hopes to spread peace throughout the world by lifting up the power of love. She is a graduate of St. Andrews University and American intercontinental University. She started writing in the fifth grade.


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