Book Spotlight: A Void Only You Can Heal by Renee Myers

5 words best describe A Void Only YOU Can Heal are motivating, inspiring, daring, personal, journey 

One highlight from the book is the fact that it is continuing. It is in a to be continued status. That was done so that the reader can pick up where I left off, but with the necessary awareness that I now have and take it for themselves. 

I want the reader to start a self analysis after reading this book and take charge and ownership of the void that earth has that only our lives can personally fill! 

A common thread in my work that I find is the need and neglect of self care. Within ourselves, self care is so much more than just taking a nice hot bubble bath,  or relaxin to jazz, although those things are wonderful,  self care is mostly about thr STATE of mind and heart we live in EVERYDAY.  

The most fun character in the book for me to write about was probably my mother in law. Her spirit her love. Really shaped and molded my beginning of spiritual awareness. The hardest person for me to write about was my mom. That was because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings with my writing, but felt that my child hood trauma and rearing was necessary to bring out because it shaped my whole entire adulthood. 

The Lord gave me an awakening at one point in my life. He told me that the day I was born and spoken into the world. It was because earth had a void only MY PERSENCE and life could fill. We are all necessary, and should work Diligently on filling that void. Earth had a need only WE could fill, so the Lord above, spoke us the necessity into existence.  We all matter. 


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