Book Spotlight: On The 7th Day by Tamiko Evans

Tell us about your latest book.

On the 7th Day is a women’s fiction novel that tells the interconnected stories of three women who meet by chance on a 7-day cruise.  Even though the women are completely different, they form an unlikely bond and help each other navigate love and betrayal over the seven days.

Tell us about the journey that led to you writing this book.

On life’s journey, most of us will experience those ‘how the hell did I get here’ moments. No matter how street smart, book smart or worldly, there are times we involve ourselves with people and situations we should’ve avoided. In those moments, oftentimes we judge ourselves more harshly than the world ever could. I wanted to write a book to encourage readers to look past their hopeless nights; to know that their day of rebirth and renewal is coming. 

Tell us about one of the people at the center of this book, and what makes them interesting. 

Savannah Jones is one of the main characters.  She is that girl in school your parents didn’t want you to be friends with. She lives by her own rules. Savannah appears to be shallow and materialistic, but there are many different layers to her.  She is highly intelligent and has a complicated past. 

Why was it worth spending a year (or five, etc.) of your life on it?

From conception to the finished project, more than 10 years went by. In that time, I experienced and witnessed a lot. The book covers a variety of serious issues in a respectful but entertaining manner.  It was a story that needed to be told.

What do you love about this book?

I love the unique story telling.  Even though it’s a women’s fiction novel, there are elements of suspense. I love the characters because the readers will see themselves and people they know in these three women.  I also love how a chance encounter so drastically changed each of these women’s lives.

What makes this book special to you? This book will always hold a special place because it’s my debut novel. Completing and publishing it is literally a dream come true.

Is there a part that makes you cry? Makes you laugh?

On the 7th Day is bound to stimulate your emotions. There are parts that will make you chuckle, shake your head, roll your eyes, gasp, and talk back to the book.

Is there a part you’re secretly most proud of? What is it? 

The setting of the novel is a 7-day cruise. It offers a glimpse into cruising before the new normal. I never would have realized, at the time, how important capturing those details would be. The description of the ship was inspired by the last cruise I took. Those who never cruised will become immersed in the details of the ship and its activities. Those who have cruised before can relive their favorite moments vicariously through these women.

Describe the reader who ought to know about this title.

Readers who like African American women’s fiction, specifically the works of Mary B. Morrison, Terry McMillan, Kimberla Lawson Roby ought to know about this title.

What do you hope this book can impart to its readers? 

Entertainment along with encouragement. I hope readers can identify with the characters and think, if Savannah, Eve, or Jaime can overcome their obstacles, I can too.

What is next for you?

I am planning a sequel centering on Savannah’s daughter, Princess.

Do you have anything you would like to add?

My stories are inspired by real life. There will always be something unexpected in my stories.  What do I mean?  Keep on reading my work and you will see!


Tamiko R. Evans writes women’s fiction. Her love of other genres including thrillers, suspense, and fantasy gives her storytelling a unique voice. She calls her writing, ‘Tamiko-fied Reality’ or real life drama with a twist. When Tamiko is not reading or writing, she can be found spending time with family and friends, participating in activities through her church, or practicing yoga. Tamiko lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and two children. On the 7th Day is Tamiko’s debut novel, but she has many more stories to tell.  See her website for upcoming events and promotions (www.tamikorevans.com).  You can also follow her on Amazon, Goodreads, Tumblr or Facebook.

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