Prompt – “Single Life”

This month I am doing a writing prompt called Single Life. Readers and authors look at this picture and write a short story or poem about the picture. I hope you enjoy.

*Disclaimer – This is not my picture or the writer.

That Singe Life

Got a ring, but no dress,
A’int that a mess?
Nah, that’s that single life.

A fine man would be divine,
But I’m alone sipping this wine.
Sounds like that single life.

Hair all nice and neat,
Still, no man to rub my feet.
It’s called that single life.

Scented bubble baths to relax my life,
And I’m still not a wife.
Well, that’s that single life.

Candles lighting the way,
I don’t have a wedding day.
Honey that’s single life.

Someone wrote the book,
May as well take a look.
‘Cause I’m living that single life.

-Lelia E. Hart, Author of Love on the Run

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