Book Spotlight: A Guide to Dealing with Loss Notes to Our Loved Ones by Shawne Perryman

Descibe your book in 5 words.

1. Insightful

2. Thought provoking

3. Inspirational

4. Meaningful

5. Eye opening

One Highlight: Understanding that there are at least 5 stages in the death process can really help you understand that you are not crazy but going through exactly what you need to in order to heal.

Themes: Not really. This book was quite different than my first book. My first book was about having fun and saving money.

This latest book was dealing with people who are broken after losing a loved one.

Nothing about this project is what I would call fun. It was a hard book to write. A lot of tears were shed writing Notes to our loved ones.

It made me think about my mother who I lost 20 years ago as well as other family members.

Unknown fact: I am a Gold and Silver medal junior Olympian in Tae Kwon Do. A form of martial arts.

I would like readers to know that pain from losing a loved one is real. Never let anyone including other family members tell you to just get over it. Never let anyone tell you there is an expiration date on your pain.

Give yourself all the time you need to heal from this process. Yes, we miss them, and you will never forget but our memories will help us move on one day at a time.

Bio: Shawne Perryman is a mom to one amazing son, an entrepreneur, author, traveler, travel professional and cruise enthusiast.
I love to help others and share my journeys with the world. When I am not doing that I enjoy hanging out with friends and family and going to live concerts.

Link to book: http://bit.ly/ntolones

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