I Can Do Stories by Sally Tears Book Review

Book Review:

Sammy the Scared Seagull
This is a story by the seagull named Sammy who is afraid to leave the nest and fly. The life lesson was it’s okay to be afraid but your parents always have your back. The illustrations and fonts are clear and relatable to the story. It also captures the attention of young people.

The Wave that Waved
The little wave wanted to play with the children but he thought he was too little. The lesson of the story is even though you’re small you’re still worthy to do great things. Just practice till you get it

Ollie the Octopus – The Problem with B’s and D’s

This is an interactive story. The author asked you questions to get you to participate. The Never Worry Land is a great magic place where everyone wants to be sometime. The illustrations are detailed and colorful. The front is easy to read. James is a little boy that does not know his B’s and D’s or his left from his right. He was so worried. Then he meets Ollie who helps him find his way.

These short stories are about animals. The characters were animated and colorful. The illustrations were awesome. I recommend this book to young boys and girls. I give this book five stars.

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