Prompt “Single Life”

This month I am doing a writing prompt called Single Life. Readers and authors look at this picture and write a short story or poem about the picture. I hope you enjoy.

*Disclaimer – This is not my picture or the writer.

My Day Dream Dilemma

The evening was just right. After a hard day at work, I just wanted to slip into my bathtub with some warm bubble water, a book, drink and some soft jazz music, to soothe away the stress.
I stripped naked and paraded in front of the mirror, like I was on the catwalk and the crowd went wild, lights, camera, action, snap snap.
I looked at myself and admire my beauty, thick legs, big hips, busty and slim waist, enough to rope in a nice stud for the night. OOOOHHH I thought.
I filled my tub, made it all bubbly and nice, then slipped myself in. My drinks at the side, my book and my music, to keep me occupied. A sip here, a sip there. I settled to read my book.
Some how I fell asleep and was dreaming. The characters of the book came alive. I was being serenaded. I saw lights, cameras as they lifted my tub onto the catwalk. But I was in the tub naked.
OMG!!!this is not what I wanted. NO!! NO!! I screamed STOP!! STOP!! everyone was laughing at me, my big boobs, my hips was not looking sexy now.
Then all of a sudden, they grabbed me to take me out of the tub. I screamed again, then I woke up, only to realize it was just a dream. I grabbed my towel, jumped out the bath, and gasp, no more sipping for me
-Liselle Powder, Author of Still Overcoming

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